5 Ways to Create Successful Abundance AffirmationsAs a Money Coach, I use affirmations a lot and recommend this potent prosperity practice to my Money Mastery clients.

BUT affirmations can sometimes get a bad rep. Maybe you’ve tried to use them in the past, but they just haven’t seemed to make any difference to your financial situation?

Maybe you struggle with knowing the ‘right’ words to say?

Or maybe you can’t believe that simply saying a positive phrase is going to help you to make more money?

The reason why people sometimes struggle with affirmations is that they need to be used in a certain way (otherwise they will have little or no effect).

So, here are the 5 key principles that will ensure your affirmations can’t help but work for you.

1. Use words that excite you.

There are lots of books and content out there that suggest particular affirmations for you to use, so it’s tempting to stick with the exact wording that someone else recommends.

BUT we are all unique.  Words that are compelling and exciting to one person, may leave the next feeling flat or pressured.

When it comes to choosing the wording for your affirmations, be specific and use words that light YOU up.

Try out some different words and phrases and notice those that make you feel expansive and excited.  When you do this, your affirmations will be far more effective.

 2. Be aware of your ‘Yes, buts….’

When you say an affirmation out loud or write it down for the first time, notice if any doubts or ‘Yes, but…’ thoughts come to mind.

For example, if your affirmation is, ‘Money flows to me effortlessly and in abundance’, maybe you’ll get an after-thought like,

‘Yes, but we all know it takes hard work to make money’, or

‘Yes, but who would want to pay me for what I have to offer?’, or

‘Yes, but it could never be really easy’.

When you notice these, ‘Yes, buts….’ rather than trying to push them down or ignore them, do a happy dance.

Eh? Did I just say happy dance?

Yes! Because these ‘Yes, but…’ statements are powerful clues to any limiting beliefs that may have held you back in the past.

Once you have brought them into your awareness (and you’ve done a happy dance!), write them down.  By writing them down, you’re getting them out of your head and down onto paper.

By shining a light on any ‘Yes, buts…’, you’re putting yourself in a position of power and you can begin to shift these limiting beliefs.

3. Ask a question

When you use a statement as an affirmation (for example, ‘I am making £10,000 in my business this month’), your subconscious mind can kick in with those limiting beliefs and ‘Yes, buts’ we were just talking about.

So, you need to be a bit clever with your wording.

Rather than using a simple statement, choose to word your affirmation as a question.

Whenever you ask a question of yourself, your subconscious mind can’t help but go looking for an answer.  So, you will naturally start to notice solutions, opportunities and possibilities.

For example, notice the difference between saying, ‘I am making £10,000 in my business this month’ and ‘I wonder how I am making £10,000 in my business this month?’

It feels much more expansive to ask a question than simply making a statement.  It gives a sense of momentum which carries you forward.

4. Choose to use choose

Using the words, ‘I choose…’ at the beginning of your affirmations super-charges their potency.

Again, the words ‘I choose…’ help to bypass any limiting beliefs or ‘Yes, buts…’.

For example, ‘I choose to create a consistent, growing income’ or ‘I’m choosing to attract money to me with ease and flow’.

When you say, ‘I choose…’ you immediately put yourself in a position of power.  You leave the past behind you and send a message that from this moment forwards , I am choosing to do this!

5. When you’re in a funk, keep it general

This is great tip that I’ve heard many times from Abraham Hicks.  If you’re feeling stressed or anxious about your financial situation, trying to dive in and say, ‘I am a compelling money magnet’ will probably just make you feel worse.

Trying to override heavy emotions with super-specific, positive statements tends to create resistance rather than flow.

SO, if you’re feeling in a funk, use a very general affirmation initially.  For example, ‘I wonder how this could be easy right now?’  or ‘I choose to feel more in flow with the Universe’.

Using a more general affirmation will help to change your state and then you can move on to using more specific wording.

So, that’s the 5 potent principles that will super-charge your affirmations.

And if you want to create your own, supremely effective affirmations, enter your details below to download a copy of my free Abundance Affirmation cheatsheet.

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