10 years ago I went on a self-development holiday in Greece. I’d wanted to go on this holiday for years and finally gave myself permission to book it.

During the week you had the chance to attend a number of different workshops and one I was attracted to was called ‘Guided Writing With Your Higher Self’. I had NO idea what this was. I certainly had no clear sense of what my ‘Higher Self’ was. But something was calling me to take this class so I did.

In this daily class we did different mediations and visualisations, then wrote about the experience in our notebooks. This was my first experience of doing anything like this and I kept feeling like I was just ‘making it up’, although I did get some very clear visual images coming through to me.

On the last day we were invited to connect with our Higher Selves and allow our pens to be guided across the page to see what emerged. To be honest I didn’t expect much. Some people seemed to be getting pages and pages of clear and powerful statements. I got mostly squiggles! I was determined not to force it. If I WAS connecting with my Higher Self (and I was sceptical of that at the time), I wanted any words to come from that part of me.

Eventually two words emerged on the page: ‘Teach’ and Trust’.

‘Trust’ made sense to me. I was in my mid-thirties and in the midst of an evolving process of trying to discover my way in life.

But ‘Teach’? I certainly didn’t want to be a teacher. I was thinking about teaching in the traditional sense. Standing at the front of a classroom with a group of schoolchildren.

I didn’t imagine that I could teach in any other way. And I certainly didn’t feel I had anything of real value to offer to the world.

But ten years on, I AM teaching. And in a way that is unique to me.

I’m teaching women to connect with their personal power, to be their fullest, most brilliant selves and to create the lives they truly desire.

And it all started from tapping into (and trusting) my intuition all those years ago.

Often we’ve been brought up not to listen to our own inner wisdom. I  certainly spent a long time looking outside for the answers and it wasn’t at all easy to access my intuition initially.

But this is where the magic lies. In that quiet, wise voice within you.

That’s why the luminous Leah Kent and I have put together a special intuition training for you. It’s called The Permission Slip. How to let go of the ‘shoulds’ and start leading with intuition, so you can create the life you truly desire.

In this intuition masterclass, we take you through a process designed to help you:

  • Get clear on what intuition is and why it’s SO important
  • Discover the ways your intuition can get shut down and the impact this has on you and your life
  • Learn 3 simple ways to switch your intuition back on
  • Tune into your body to learn what you need to do (or not do!) next
  • Give yourself permission to do or be what’s perfect for you right now

You can watch the whole class below:

Please comment below to share any insights you experienced during the masterclass and ask any questions you have around intuition.

And if you’re feeling called to explore how you can work with me 1:1 to access your intuition, discover your TRUE desires and manifest them into your reality, click here to schedule a free (completely no-obligation) Discovery Call with me now.

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