In this episode I’m speaking with the luminous Leah Kent. When Leah struggled with post-partum anxiety, she saw how disempowered she had become in her life.

Though she had been a devoted student of personal development and spiritual growth for well over 15 years, it wasn’t until she’d reached an all-time high of chaos, pain, and disconnection that she made bigger, more lasting shifts.

Leah embarked on a two-year journey to reclaim her sense of self and experienced a profound healing after a lifetime of chronic approval-seeking, self-doubt, and soul paralysis. She also discovered her personal mission to help other women connect with their intuition and personal power to create similar transformations in their lives.

Today, she’s a a Holistic Life Coach, Tarot reader and Usui Reiki healer, devoted to bringing women together in circles of support to experience their full power, divine feminine strengths, and true radiance.

During our conversation, Leah shares:

  • How her family dynamic and growing up as the older sister polarised her in the role of the good girl.
  • And how this resulted in her only wanting to show the so-called ‘good’ emotions and hide the ‘bad’
  • Why becoming a mother made this unsustainable and the specific tools and practices she used to create healing and transformation in her own life.
  • And the power of allowing yourself to want what you want and how to make decisions from a place of pure desire.

Find out more about Leah and her work at: and click here to download a copy of her free Moon Mantras Guide.

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