A journey deeper into the mystery of you

Dear UNBOUND woman,

I'm happy you've found your way here, because this invitation is especially for you.

If you've spent so long trying to please others, you've forgotten who you truly are,

If there are parts of you that you don't let out to play, because you're scared of being judged, or criticised or shamed,

If you've lost touch with that powerful, funny, wild and magical woman inside of you, I want to help.

You see, for the first 38 years of my life, I was living a bound life,

Bound by the expectations I imagined others had of me,

Bound by the stories I was telling myself,

Bound by the role I had agreed to play within my family and friendships and workplaces,

Bound by the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ and ‘ought tos’,

Bound by my limited perception of what was possible.

So, I squashed myself down,

I modified myself, 

I monitored whatever I said or did,

I judged and censored myself,

I held back and kept myself as small as possible.

I was living a half-life, not fully present, not fully me.

And I know that many women are stuck feeling the same. Maybe you're one of them?

Because the truth is that from the moment we're born we start to receive messages, both conscious and unconscious, about the way we should be in the world.

So, we start to move further and further away from our true and brilliant selves.

It's time to unbind ourselves from these restrictive stories.

It's time to come back,

To come back to YOU.

I'm Nicola Humber, coach and mentor to UNBOUND women and this is your invitation to join me for UNBOUND you: a 10-week  container of support specifically designed to help you anchor into your fullest, most magnificent, unbound self.

Before we move on, I want you to know that UNBOUND you is not a linear, step-by-step system.

And there's not a ton of content for you to consume. (Because I know you're here to be a creator, not a consumer).

UNBOUND you is a remembering.

It's a series of playful experiments.

A cauldron of possibility.

Over 10 weeks I'll be your guide as you dive deep into the 5 principles of living UNBOUND, whilst uncovering and shifting those old stories and patterns that have held you back in the past.

What are the 5 principles of living UNBOUND?


The UNBOUND woman allows pleasure to be her compass. She knows that when she reawakens her desire and follows what feels good, new and unexpected opportunities open up to her and her path becomes clear.


The UNBOUND woman harnesses the power of cyclical nature. She frees herself from the limited expectations of linear living and allows the natural ebbs and flows of her energy and emotions to live a fully expressed life.


The UNBOUND woman lives in and from her gift.  She knows that her only purpose in this life is to be as fully herself as she can possibly be.  She knows and allows her multi-faceted and limitless nature and in doing that becomes stunningly compelling to others.


The UNBOUND woman embraces the alchemy of shadow integration. She encourages the parts of her that were previously hidden and pushed down out into the light. And in doing so she frees up boundless potential and magical potency within her.


The UNBOUND woman thrives in sisterhood. She knows that she doesn't have to walk this path alone. She finds her tribe, allows herself to be beautifully supported by her UNBOUND sisters and blossoms as she is fully seen, heard and understood.

Over the 10 weeks of UNBOUND you I'll be sharing the 5 principles and supporting you, as you explore, experiment and integrate them into your life.

These principles will act as the foundations upon which you're able to create your fullest, most brilliant, unbound life.

If you've been feeling ungrounded, scattered and confused, these will be your roots. You'll send them down deep, to nourish and support you as you expand into your brightest potential; the YOU you were born to be.

Are you ready?

I can't guarantee what you'll receive from joining UNBOUND you. This process is not about neat and tidy specific outcomes. When you step onto the unbound path, magic happens. And your Unbound Self can take you in unexpected and miraculous directions.

But I can guarantee that this process will awaken, enliven, enrich and activate your life.

If you're ready to bring your sense of curiosity, your adventurous spirit and most playful essence this April, I'd love you to join us in UNBOUND you.

Here's what you receive when you join:

  • 5 UNBOUND assignments. These take the form of experiments, each one designed to take you deep into the principles of living UNBOUND. If you choose to accept these assignments, you can't help but create transformation and magic in your life.
  • 5 group calls with me and your UNBOUND sisters. These calls are a chance to receive intuitive coaching from me, to ask questions and above all else, to be witnessed in a supportive community as the powerful, unbound woman you truly are. This is where true healing and transformation occurs.
  • Access to the UNBOUND you Facebook community. This is not the typical Facebook Group. This is an alchemical space, where you get to connect with a sisterhood of women who will walk with you as you continue on the unbound path.

Primarily within UNBOUND you, you will receive the spaciousness and support to reconnect with the deeply mysterious, wild, wise and magical being you were born to be.

PLUS: Join now and receive a free ticket to one of my upcoming

Living Your Gift 3-Day Retreats (worth £697)

Next retreats taking place in the south of England in June and upstate New York in September

(dates and venues to be confirmed)

And to reward you for taking decisive action, when you join UNBOUND you now, you'll receive 50% off the full price of £997. (Fast action discount available until February 28th).

Equates to approx $140 per month

Here's what other women say about working with me...


"I discovered hidden jewels of myself which had laid buried and unpolished for years."

Working with Nicola is a gift in self acceptance and self awareness within a contained environment of safety and support.. She received all of me with acceptance, compassion and a sovereignty my soul craved.

If you are drawn to Nicola’s writings, if you feel a resonance for what she is expressing in the world...you have discovered an amazing woman who will provide you the space, support and tools to uplevel your state of being in all areas of your life.'

Ann, MABlogger


"Since working with Nicola, I've experienced a powerful sense of belonging and connection..."

I've discovered a strong sense of direction and I no longer feel isolated and confused about what I’m doing and why.

Working with Nicola is the complete package where there is unlimited opportunity to develop personally and learn how to move forward in your business.

Deborah, UKzine Editor


"I feel my business growing organically and with a powerful peace within me."

Before I started working with Nicola, I felt overwhelmed with what direction to take my business, lacking clarity and focus which was affecting me and my personal life too.

Working with Nicola, I was shown great compassion and unconditional love and acceptance. She has helped me through some very difficult times and kept me on track.

Now I feel my business growing organically and with a powerful peace within me. Knowing I have Nicola believing and supporting me has encouraged me to believe I can create the life I want and have a successful business.

She is the best mentor, friend, coach and inspirational person I could have ever asked for and I feel eternally grateful for the support she has given me.

Jessy, UKel

I know you've already invested time, energy and money in yourself. And maybe you've felt disappointed in the past? Maybe you feel like you keep ending up stuck in the same place? And so, you're wondering, 'Can UNBOUND you really make a difference for me?'

In reality, only you can answer that. 

I can't make you step into your UNBOUND-ness.

I don't have a magic formula that will enable you to suddenly access your fullest, most magnificent potential (although it's very possible that you'll experience quantum shifts when you make this decision for yourself).

This is not an easy process.

Walking the UNBOUND path is a heroine's journey.

But, I can assure you that I will be with you every single step of the way.

I will hold a space for you to step into your full power.

And the container that UNBOUND you provides is infused with everything you need to support you as you journey into your deepest, most magical essence.

Are you ready to be UNBOUND?

Join now and receive 50% off the full price of £997. 

(Fast action discount available until February 28th).

Equates to approx $140 per month

Here's the schedule for UNBOUND you. (Please note all sessions will take place at Noon PDT, 3pm EDT and 8pm UK. They will all be recorded, so if you can't join live you'll still be able to receive the transmission and get your questions answered).

Monday April 16th Principle One - PLEASURE. Live transmission and first assignment given.

Monday April 23rd PLEASURE group call - Q&A and coaching

Monday April 30th Principle Two - CYCLES. Live transmission and second assignment given.

Monday May 14th  CYCLES group call - Q&A and coaching

Monday May 21st  Principle Three - GIFT. Live transmission and third assignment given.

Monday May 28th  GIFT group call - Q&A and coaching

Monday June 4th    Principle Four - SHADOW. Live transmission and fourth assignment given.

Monday June 11th  SHADOW group call - Q&A and coaching

Monday June 18th  Principle Five - SISTERHOOD. Live transmission and fifth assignment given.

Monday June 25th  SISTERHOOD group call - Q&A and coaching

Are you ready to say YES to your Unbound Self?

Join now and receive 50% off the full price of £997. 

(Fast action discount available until February 28th).

Equates to approx $140 per month