One of the themes that comes up time and time again for me personally, with my clients and in my UNBOUND community, is how to create a truly abundant, sustainable income in a way that feels good.

What I’ve found over the past few years is that for us unbound women, it’s not enough to work on your own individual money stuff, sit back and watch your income increase. Although working through your personal money blocks is helpful, your soul demands more than that.

Throughout 2017 I’ve been exploring what is going to be demanded of us, as we move forward and create new ways of being and creating in the world. Because the one thing we can be sure of right now is that new ways are required. Our Unbound Selves won’t allow us to sit within the old structures. We are being called to create the new, rather than trying to squeeze into the existing ways.

This is why so many unbound women struggle to bring in the money they desire. (If you’re one of them, know you’re not alone). Even if you’ve been following all the advice that’s out there and you’ve done a huge amount of inner work, most of this is based on the old ways. And these will not work for you.

It’s time for something different.

That’s why moving forward all of the work I do personally and with my clients will be based on the principles of Deep Prosperity.

What are these principles? Well, they’re still forming and I’ll be inviting the women who work with me in 2018 to help evolve them, but in basic terms Deep Prosperity is bone deep. As an unbound woman it’s not enough to experience prosperity at surface level, it has to run through every aspect of your life and business, and flow out into the collective.

Here are the guiding principles:

KINDNESS I commit to making money in a way that’s deeply kind to myself, to others and to the planet.

CONSCIOUS I commit to making conscious choices about how I spend and make my money.

FREEDOM I commit to making and spending money in a way that supports the freedom of myself and others.

COLLECTIVE I understand that the way I relate to money doesn’t just impact me, but the collective. I commit to bringing more love and generosity into my relationship with money with the intention of healing the collective.

CONTRIBUTION I commit to contributing a proportion of any money I make to good causes, either individuals or organisations that are working to create new ways.

ABUNDANCE I remember that we live in an abundant Universe. I commit to allowing money to flow, to create, to surprise, to delight and to expand.

CONNECTION I commit to using money in a way that builds connection with myself and others, rather than fostering competition and isolation.

These are the principles of Deep Prosperity as they stand. As I said, they will surely evolve over the coming year and beyond as I co-create with the women who step forward to work with me in 2018.

And please know that Deep Prosperity is a practice not a set of rules. I’m certainly not meeting all of these commitments all of the time. The idea is to invite these principles into your life and business and explore what happens.

As a starting point, here are some questions to reflect on:

What do the words Deep Prosperity mean to me?

Which of the above principles resonate with me most? How can I bring more of this quality into my personal relationship with money right now?

How do I want to change the way I experience money over the next twelve months? What would help me to do that?

If you want to be part of the ongoing conversation around Deep Prosperity and how to create a new way to relate to money, click here to join my free online community – UNBOUND with Nicola Humber. See you over there my fellow UNBOUND woman.

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