The Clarity MythA big part of my work as a Holistic Money Coach is to call time on the unhelpful stories I hear my clients telling themselves.

By ‘story’, I mean those limiting beliefs that run through your mind like an old, well-rehearsed script.  Often they’re so familiar, they go un-noticed.

The other day I heard one that I hadn’t thought of as a story before.  I had always accepted this statement as a genuine ‘thing‘ that could get in the way of creating a successful business.

But I heard someone say, ‘I’m so stuck. I just can’t move forwards because I’m so lacking in clarity right now’ and I had a realisation – this is just another story we use to keep ourselves small.

Clarity seems like a BIG thing in business and life.  Everyone’s looking for clarity, waiting for the moment when the penny finally drops and they get the crystal-clear vision of what they’re meant to be doing.

Many coaching programmes make the tantalising offer that they will help you to get clarity (I’ve certainly used this as part of my offerings).

But, as I listened to this woman talking about how her lack of clarity had been holding her back, I realised that I’ve never really had clarity in my business, or my life.

Yes, I get moments when things seem clear, a new direction I want to move in, a new product I want to create, but these are just glimpses.  Within days, hours, often moments, I’m questioning my new idea, doubting myself and everything goes foggy again.

And this used to keep me stuck.

I would think that an idea wasn’t good enough, or wasn’t what I ‘should’ be doing because I didn’t have 100% clarity.  I was waiting for my ‘Road to Damascus’ moment, thinking that I’d know when it was ‘right’.

But this never came.

Because life really isn’t like that.

Life is complicated and gloriously confusing.  We have endless possibilities and choices, so the likelihood of us getting absolute clarity on the best way forward is pretty darn unlikely (if not impossible).

But that’s not a reason to stay stuck and do nothing at all!

The idea that you need to be ‘clear’ is just another perfectionist stick we can use to beat ourselves with.

When I decided to trust that my glimpsed ideas and momentary light-bulb moments were good enough, I freed myself up to take action, move forward and create income.

And I invite you to do the same.

Stop telling yourself, ‘I can’t take action until I have clarity’ – it’s just an unhelpful story.

Instead choose to tell yourself, ‘I’m clear in this moment and that’s enough.’

And it is enough.

And you are enough (even without absolute clarity).

Let’s take a deep breath and embrace the glorious, muddled confusion of life together.

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