The 5 blind spots that are making you feel the Law of Attraction isn't working for youThe Law of Attraction – the concept seems SO simple eh?

You get back what you put out. Like attracts like.

So, all you need to do is focus on what you want and BINGO.

But if you’re reading this, then I suspect you’ve had some challenges with the Law of Attraction.

Maybe you’ve been saying your affirmations, creating vision boards and trying to attract more money, love and opportunities into your life, but it just isn’t happening?

Or (even more frustratingly!) you’ve experienced those tantalising times when the Law of Attraction has seemed to be working like a dream. ‘I’ve finally cracked it!’, you think. And then your magnetic capabilities seem to falter again.

I get it!

I’ve certainly had my share of ups and downs with the Law of Attraction. And through my personal experience and work as a hypnotherapist and abundance coach, I’ve discovered some sneaky blind spots that we can sometimes overlook.

And the first thing you need to know is that the Law of Attraction is always working for you. Always.

This is a Universal Law we’re talking about here. So there’s no way it can be working like a charm one day and then go walkabout the next.

The Law of Attraction is always in action.

So you can rest assured that you have attracted everything you have in your life right now. Everything.

If your life isn’t quite (or at all) the way you want it, then I understand if that’s a sobering thought for you.

BUT this fact can also be incredibly empowering. Because it means that you are 100% in control of what you attract into your life. You my friend are a super-powerful creator!

So, let’s move onto those blind spots and get you creating the life you desire (and deserve).

Here are the top reasons why you might feel like the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you right now.

1) You’re not paying attention

Can I ask you a question – are you really aware of what you’re attracting right now?

Because in my experience often we overlook much of the good stuff we’ve already created in our lives. Once the initial excitement of having something new wears off (whether it’s a relationship, a higher income, a top-of-the-range car), we take it for granted.

When that happens, we move our attention to the next thing on the list of our desires, what we don’t have right now.

And although it’s a wonderful thing to be expanding our experience and creating more in our lives, it’s counter-productive when we find ourselves in a place of resistance and dissatisfaction.

My ‘aha!’ moment: When I started actively focusing on creating more abundance in my life, I always had my eyes firmly on the prize.  I totally neglected the fact that I already had a whole heap of glorious-ness in my life – a wonderful relationship, a beautiful house, financial security and a business I loved.

Once I woke up to fact that I had created some pretty cool stuff already, I shifted my point of attraction and opened up the flow so even more abundance could come my way.

Hint: Start from a place of appreciation about what you already have – the good stuff you’ve already attracted.

Change Your Point of Attraction: Take 15 minutes and write down all the good stuff you have in your life right now. Go to town and write down everything (big or small) you can think of. Notice how your energy starts to shift as you do this and know you’re raising your vibration!

2) You’re trying too hard

Many of us are conditioned to believe that the good stuff in life doesn’t come easily.

Maybe you were told things like, ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’, or ‘Wealth doesn’t come without sacrifice’ when you were growing up?

So, you’re operating under the belief that you have to put your nose to the grindstone and work bloomin’ hard to get what you want.

But when you’ve got your head down, working every hour you can, and really trying to bring your desires into reality, you’re not going to be feeling great.

Trying, striving and pushing generally equates with stress, exhaustion and frustration. And those aren’t the kind of high-vibe feelings that super-charge your Universal attractiveness.

It’s a conundrum – you’re told you have to work hard to get what you want, but working too hard can lower your vibration making it more difficult to attract your desires.

Hint: Although it feels counter-intuitive, you’ll often get better results by doing less.  (See my blog post on Radical Non-Action for more on this.)

My ‘aha!’ moment: For the past few years I’ve worked with the affirmation, ‘Money flows to me effortlessly and in abundance’. At times it seemed to really work for me, but not always and I would end up feeling confused about my elusive wealth-creating abilities.

It was only earlier this year when I realised that the times when my income dried up were those times when I slipped into working too hard – the times when I found myself pushing and striving for success.

These were the times when I was totally going against my newly-created belief that money flows to me effortlessly.

As soon as I eased up on my workload and stopped trying, my flow of income opened up again.

Change Your Point of Attraction: Where are you trying too hard in your life right now? Whether it’s in your business, your love-life or your health, allow yourself to let go and do less. Journal on this question – ‘What would it be like if my desires came to me surprisingly easily?’

3) You’re clinging on to expectations

So, you know what you want to create in your life, you’ve even carefully crafted a dreamboard with beautiful images of your desires and you are SO ready for it all to flow to you, BUT are your expectations getting in the way?

Those pesky expectations can mess with the Law of Attraction in a two different ways.

Firstly, they might not let you believe that you can ever attract what it is you desire. Your expectations may be firmly based on what you’ve experienced in the past and when you start to think about creating anything different in your life, they shut you down with ‘Are you crazy? That’s just not going to happen.’

If that feels like it’s the case for you, blind-spot number 5 will help you out.

Secondly, you may have rigid expectations about how your desires are going to come to you.

Perhaps you’re sure that the only way you can create a higher income is to get a new job, or sell a certain number of a particular product to your clients?

Maybe you’re certain that the only way you can meet the partner of your dreams is via online dating?

Hint: The problem with set expectations is that you can end up closing the door on any other way of your desires flowing to you. You become blind to other opportunities.

My ‘aha!’ moment: When I was in my mid to late-thirties I spent years internet dating, looking for my perfect partner. To be honest, it wasn’t much fun and I generally ended up pretty depressed after yet another date with someone who in no way floated my boat.

Then in 2009 during a reiki workshop, my teacher asked us all to set intentions. So I set an intention to meet my ideal man. I wrote it on a piece of paper and put it into our magical, intention-setting box. Very soon afterwards, I totally gave up on dating. I was tired of the search and decided that I’d be happy to be on my own.

It was only after I let go of my expectations about how (or whether!) I’d meet a man, that the future Mr H messaged me on Facebook. We’d been at school together and hadn’t seen each other for 20 years, so him getting in touch was totally out of the blue. Six years later, we’re very happily married.  Thank you very much Universe!

Change Your Point of Attraction: Where have you closed the door on your desires by having rigid expectations? Ask yourself the question, ‘I wonder how many different ways this could come to me?’ Write down one specific thing you want to manifest in your life, put it somewhere safe, then forget about it. Go about your life with a sense of gratitude for what you already have and be open to the opportunities that flow your way. Know that your desire is coming to you.

4) You’re not open to receive

Being closed off to receive is something I see all the time and it can seriously limit your ability to use the Law of Attraction effectively.

And this ties in closely with point number 3 because often having set expectations stops us from being open to receive our desires in surprising and serendipitous ways.

Know this – the Universe is always trying to send you what you want. But very often, you’re batting it’s efforts away.

The ideal client who really wants to work with you? She comes to your website but it’s not immediately clear how she can work with you, so she goes elsewhere.

The opportunity that’s going to move your business to the next level? It’s that call that you’ve been putting off making.

Your dream partner? It could just be that guy who keeps trying to make conversation with you in the coffee shop but you always feel too busy to stop.

My ‘aha!’ moment: Actually with this point, it’s more a series of aha moments for me! I’m constantly noticing areas where I’ve been closed off to receiving – the times I don’t make a clear offer to prospective clients, the positive feedback I bat away with ‘Oh, it was nothing’ and the projects I procrastinate on, even though I know they’re income-generating opportunities. Building your receiving muscle is a continual process and it’s all good learning.

Change Your Point of Attraction: Over the next 24 hours set your intention to be open to receiving. Graciously accept compliments and positive feedback, ask for any help or support you need, say ‘yes’ to opportunities and invitations, make it clear how people can work with you. Allow the Universe to give you the good stuff!

5) Your ‘stuff’ is blocking the signal

This is probably the most important blind-spot I’m talking about here.

Although on the surface you might be super-clear on what you want to attract into your life, if you don’t truly believe you can create your desires then the Law of Attraction is going to feel pretty darn frustrating for you.

This is where it can get complicated. Because very often we’re not aware of our unconscious programming – the beliefs that were created when we were very young.

So you set your sights on what you want, but your underlying beliefs are sending out a completely different signal.

You want to create a six-figure business, but deep down you believe that no-one will like you if you’re wealthy.

You want to find your ideal partner, but deep down you think you’re unloveable.

You want to publish a best-selling book, but deep down you believe that you’re not good enough and no-one would really want to hear what you have to say.

All of these mixed signals lead to self-sabotage and frustration, as time and time again we end up actually repelling our desires.

This is the work I specialise in – using hypnotherapy and emotional freedom technique to help my clients uncover and shift their unconscious limiting beliefs. Basically I help people to clear out the stuff that’s getting in the way of them creating the life they want.

My ‘aha!’ moment: One of the beliefs I’ve worked with as I’ve grown my business is, ‘People won’t like me if I’m successful’. For a long time this stopped me from putting my head above the parapet.  It kept me and my business small and quiet.

Once I identified this belief and started working on it, I realised that people liking me and being successful were not mutually exclusive.  I created new, more resourceful beliefs which allowed my business to flourish.

Change Your Point of Attraction: Earlier this year I created a tapping routine using EFT specifically designed to help you release any limiting money beliefs.  Click here to access it and clear the stuff that’s stopping you from attracting the wealth you desire (and deserve!)

So, that’s the five main blind spots that can make you feel like the Law of Attraction is not working for you.  Which one resonates with you most?  Don’t forget  to comment below and let me know.

Your next step. Want to discover even more ways to create the deliciously abundant life you TRULY desire (and deserve!)? Click here to join my free 7-Day Money Mastery Kickstarter Challenge and get going right away.

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