Where are you holding on right now?

Let go.

Lie down on the earth. Your bed. The floor.

Allow yourself to be supported.

And as you do,

Notice where your body resists this.

Because she will.

Notice where you’re clenching,

Where you’re bracing,

Where you’re gripping onto something nameless.

Perhaps it’s your jaw?

Or your right shoulder?

Your belly?

Your buttocks?

Your feet?

Bring your gentle attention into your body.



And let go.



Breathe into those parts that have been holding on for so long.

Make space for yourself.

Gently whisper to your body that it’s okay to let go.

To release.

To breathe out.

Fully and deeply.

She doesn’t have to hold on any more.

It’s okay to be held.

To allow the earth to take her weight.

And be fully, beautifully supported.

Let go.

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