The Money Mastery Lab

A 4-week, self-study breakthrough experience to unleash your earning potential and make a consistent, thriving income in your business.

I know you’re not completely new to business, so why can’t you seem to generate a consistent income? It feels like you're stuck in a cycle of feast and famine.

You pour your heart and soul into it, but still it feels like you’re scrimping & saving (and some months it can feel like a struggle to pay the bills).

You've manifested lots of other great stuff in your life, but when it comes to money you just can't seem to make it happen. Why does it have to be SO hard?

It’s frustrating. (Actually, it’s not just frustrating - sometimes you feel like packing it all in and going back to a ‘proper’ job). Eek!

I get it.

Because I’ve been in exactly the same place.

Can I share my story with you? I think it might be helpful. (But, of course, if you’d prefer to cut to the chase and see how the Money Mastery Lab can help you, feel free to skip this bit. I promise I won’t be offended).

For the first few years of running my hypnotherapy and coaching practice, my income had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster (and to tell you the truth, there were FAR more downs than ups).

Although I have a degree in business and worked as a financial adviser before retraining as a hypnotherapist, I couldn’t seem to bring all of that experience into my own business.

I was floundering - struggling to attract clients and eating into my fast-diminishing savings.

I knew how to help my clients get great results, but I couldn’t generate enough momentum in my business to feel truly confident about my ability to generate a regular income.

It was only when I reached rockbottom and had the worst ever month in my business (back in May 2013) that I FINALLY had to fit the pieces together and do what it took to start creating a consistent and growing income.

So, what did I do?

  • I made a commitment to work on my money mindset - uncovering and shifting my old, limiting beliefs around money and success, so that I could begin to attract more of it.

  • I started to actually use the know-how I’d developed when I worked as a financial adviser and implemented some simple financial strategies which helped me to both create and keep more money in my bank account.

  • I opened myself up to receive the support I needed in my business, rather than trying to do it all on my own.

Heads up: This is ALL stuff that I'll be teaching you (in a super-simple, clear and focused way) in the Money Mastery Lab.

Taking this action helped me to double my income within one year.  And it's continued to grow year on year since then. Now I want to help you up-level your relationship with money so you can do the same.

Let me introduce you to The Money Mastery Lab

(aka the only money mindset programme you'll ever need)

This transformational self-study programme gives you 4 unique modules - each one designed to uncover and shift a new layer of old limiting beliefs and patterns around money, so you can start making MORE in your business.

Each of the 4 modules will each look at a different aspect of your money mindset:

  • The Emotions of Money - the way you FEEL about money can either prevent you from earning the income you really want OR help you attract more of it. In this module, I'll help you to shift your money emotions you to make sure it's the latter! 
  • Your Money Memories - unearthing the specific past experiences that have impacted on your relationship with money so you can create a more resourceful (and abundant!) money story.
  • Into the Palace of Possibilities - using a powerful hypnotic visualisation, I'll help you uncover and shift the precise limiting beliefs that have been holding you back around money.
  • Compelling Money Goals - are you sometimes scared to set juicy financial goals because you don't want to end up feeling like a failure? Not any more! In this module, I'll help you set abundant money goals that are truly in alignment with your subconscious mind, so you can't help but make them happen.

During The Money Mastery Lab I'll be showing you how to use the super-powerful tools of EFT, gentle hypnosis and visualisation so you can keep on breaking through to brand new income levels in your business. 

Each week you'll receive a simple and transformational exercise to work through and a powerful hypnosis MP3 or tapping meditation to listen to.  This will help you to make changes at a deep, subconscious level, increasing your ability to receive money into your life.​

(And this stuff can work amazingly quickly!)

I must have seriously shifted something during our session because I’ve had money flying at me!

I sold another product, as well as a coaching enquiry – that’s another $400.

Then today I was emailed by a wonderful business blogger that I’ve been following for a while now to become a monthly contributor on nurturing relationships while building a business – she pays $75 a post!

Also, I just submitted my yearly tax return and for the last three years I’ve not been refunded anything. This year? $836! Woohoo!

Jess May

But that's not all. I want you to completely transform your relationship with money, so during Money Mastery Lab you'll also receive my top Money Magic Tips - four super-simple financial strategies that will help you step into your power around money, so you can attract MORE to you.

Ready to unleash your earnings potential?

The investment for this game-changing, one-stop-shop, money-making mastery programme is just $297.

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    Recordings of The Money Mastery Gathering. An online summit where I interviewed some of the hottest women in business about money and how to make more of it. Just listening to these powerful conversations will shift your vibration and increase your capacity to receive more money. Value $97

    Nicola is definitely a go-to person!

    I saw a couple of Facebook posts about her money-mastery programme, and then read her pricing guide, and the timing was perfect. I felt that Nicola was the ideal person to explore things with, and there were so many for me.

     We explored a lot over 4 weeks, and I’ve come away with a clear head. She not only assisted me in getting real clarity about things, she also showed total belief in my aims/goals. I felt fully supported throughout.

    Vicky MouldGrief Counsellor

    Worth every single penny!

    Nicola's programme went way deeper than I thought it would. I was hoping for a financial bootcamp sort to speak, but ended up delving into what my core feelings were around money, acknowledging them and trying to change them. 

    Nicola has a whole bag of tools to give clients in helping them go out into the world wiser and more confident about money than they were before.

    Carolina Reese

    A significant change in how I deal with my finances and feel about money in general….

    I found the Money Mastery programme to be extremely helpful. The combination of down-to-earth practical activities and useful tips, together with the exploration of old, outdated and unhelpful beliefs around money and supported creation of new, empowering beliefs has brought about significant change.

    Lizzie Carver

    It was easy to shift to a positive and more helpful way of thinking.

    I have always been a bit wary of hypnotherapy and EFT, mainly because I worried about what my subconscious might reveal without me knowing. I feared possibly not liking or not wanting to face up to and deal with what was uncovered.

    The visualisation we did unlocked some revealing thoughts. The first step to change is knowing what needs to be changed and rather than the revelations being confusing and vague, they were so specific that not only was it easy to really check in with how valid my irrational thoughts were, it was easy to tackle them and shift to a more positive and helpful way of thinking.

    Cara Moore 

    Ready to say 'Yes!' to yourself and get started on your money mastery journey right away?

    The one-time investment for this truly transformational, game-changer of a money-making mastery programme is $297.