My throat gave me a real talking to yesterday. Yes, I know that might sound crazy, but I’m in regular communication with the different parts of my body and yesterday my throat was calling for attention.

She was sore, inflamed and raw.

I used to have a lot of problems in my throat – coughs, infections, constriction – but after years of work around expressing myself more fully, I hadn’t heard much from her for ages. In fact, I was starting to feel pretty smug about how I’d cleared my throat chakra issues.

BUT over the past few weeks she has started to call to me again. And yesterday she demanded that I pay attention.

When I checked in with her, I found she was deeply frustrated. Yes, I’ve done a lot of work around expressing myself, but she reminded me of how much I’ve been holding back.

‘Nicola, everything that’s coming up for you right now? You need to express it ALL. So much gets missed. You need to let it out’.

And immediately I understood.

Because over the past few months, I’ve been feeling pushed to take my work in a different direction, to move deeper. I’ve been feeling like I’m on the edge of ‘something’ and waiting for it all to become clearer.

Every time I go out for a walk, I get new ideas and insights coming through. Some of which I’ve journalled on, some of which I’ve shared, but many of which I’ve put to one side, because I felt I needed more clarity.

And my throat has had enough.


The clarity will come through expressing, through sharing.

And I KNOW this. I even wrote a blog post about not waiting for clarity a couple of years ago.

But I’ve been sitting and waiting. Holding all of this stuff and hoping it would percolate, that it would begin to come together in a way that makes sense.

And what my throat is now telling me is that these ideas, these insights, need to move. They need to be expressed one way or another.

To let go of that old ‘good girl‘ pattern of waiting until it feels right.

So, I’m going to stop waiting for that elusive lightbulb moment and start sharing what’s coming through for me right now – new insights about connection, our bodies, sex, pleasure, power, feminine energy, cycles, healing, flow, space, simplicity, love.

It might not all hang together perfectly (but as I write those words down I can see how they all do).

I’m going to trust that you don’t need me to stick to one clear subject (which I’ve never really done anyway) and that what I share will make sense in some way, at least to some people.

Not just for me, but because I know that you too probably have many passions and interests, that you’re creative and have more than one thing you want to share with the world. (I know that having a specific niche makes sense, but I’m tired of limiting myself and maybe you are too?)

So, I’m going to be blogging more on whatever comes up for me and putting it out there. My throat demands so.

It feels good to write this, freeing, a relief. Giving myself permission to express, to let my ideas flow.

And I send thanks to my throat for giving me that talking to!

Here’s to listening to the wisdom of our bodies (and acting on it).

Over to you: What is your body trying to tell you right now? Stop for a moment and pay attention. What does she want you to know? Comment below and share what comes through for you and what action you’re choosing to take in response.

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