In this episode I’m speaking with Ali Roff. Ali is a practicing self-love warrior, Dossier editor at Psychologies magazine and certified coach. Voyaging on her own journey towards greater self-love, self-belief and self-esteem, Ali is currently working on founding a community which helps women cultivate more self-love through looking inside themselves for the answers, in order to live happier and more fulfilled, successful lives. 

During our conversation, Ali shares:

  • How experiences from school led to her losing a sense of trust in herself and questioning her own values.
  • Why trying to fit in with society’s idea of success left her, and many other women, with a feeling that something was missing from her life.
  • How deciding to leave a spirit-crushing job in finance to follow her dream of being a journalist was her first real act of rebellion against the expectations of others.

Find out more about Ali and her work at:

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