In this episode I’m speaking with Danielle Drozd.  Danielle is a writer, teacher, confidence coach and mentor.  After 14 years in the blue-chip, corporate world of supply chain, she decided to change her life in order to achieve authentic success.

Danielle shares her life-changing journey, in her debut book I Have a Dream, a teaching memoir which ignited a desire to share her knowledge and empower others to find meaning. Subsequently, Danielle went on to publish a poetry anthology Voice of the Soul and a book Confidence through Courage teaching the reader how to grow into confidence.

As a coach, Danielle works with people to get clarity on personal roadblocks, to define a route for building confidence, and acts as a cheerleader for taking action.  Danielle lives by the mantra ‘Be the best version of you, ignite courage and take action!’

During our conversation Danielle shares:

  • How finding a female mentor helped her to challenge the good girl behaviours that had been holding her back in a male-dominated industry.
  • The power of doing one small thing that scares you every day in growing your confidence.
  • The void you can experience when you know deep down you’re doing work that doesn’t ignite your soul.
  • How listening to her intuition led to her writing not one, but three books!
  • And the transformation and creativity that can come out of the darkest of times.

Find out more about Danielle and her work at:

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