In this episode I’m speaking with Jacqui McGinn. Jacqui has a background in foreign language teaching in Japan, China and the UK and is a qualified teacher. While living in Japan she began studying spirituality and philosophy. She has been doing ThetaHealing since 2009 and is trained in Subtle Energy Healing, Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reading. She is currently studying space clearing with Denise Linn.

Jacqui’s mission is to empower people to be true to themselves and share their unique gifts and insights with others to empower them too. She is currently researching for a book about narcissism and during our conversation she shares her own experience of being in a relationship with a narcissist and also:

  • How travelling to different countries changed the way she saw herself,
  • Why having a complete mental breakdown helped her identify her traits of people-pleasing and perfectionism,
  • The ‘either/or’ trap,
  • And how the ‘good girl’ can be particularly susceptible to controlling or narcissistic relationships.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing Jacqui speak about how we can feel like we need to be the ‘good girl’ in relationships and how we can break out of that limiting pattern.

Find out more about Jacqui and her work at:

Links to the Dr Craig Malkin’s books about narcissism that Jacqui mentions in her interview: The Narcissist Test and Rethinking Narcissism

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