Carolina Reese is a documentary photographer, speaker, and educator. Her work focuses on birth, gender, and media literacy issues. Carolina works to change the current narrative regarding women and birth by sharing families’ stories and providing media literacy education for girls. Her next project entails documenting birth within refugee and displaced populations.

During our conversation Carolina shares how it took a huge, traumatic life event to prompt her to say ‘Screw it!’’ and start living the life she desired (rather than following a plan that didn’t seem to be working anyway). Carolina is committed to living an extraordinary life and I’m sure you’ll find her story truly inspirational.

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2 comments on “Episode 11 with Carolina Reese (Heal Your Inner Good Girl Podcast)”

  1. I first met Carolina when she contacted me offering to photograph the adoptable dogs that we had at our rescue and rehab for canines.

    My first impression was visual; I saw a tiny, soft spoken woman wearing rubber boots. And carrying her camera gear in a giant, orange, leather bag. Her strength and perseverance is beyond anything I had ever seen. I dont think I ever will meet another who seems to succeed no matter what might roadblock her.

    You couldn’t of picked a better woman for your series.

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