Ready to make a leap?

Ready to make a leap_(Is it time for a differentI was talking with some friends I used to work with recently and I realised that it is exactly six years since I left a job in finance that I hated.

At the time, I thought that I simply needed to move to another company to be happy – the same kind of role in a different organisation.  So I made a move and very soon realised that it wasn’t the company that was the problem, it was the actual work I was doing.

Arggh!  What was I to do?  I knew I wasn’t happy, but I had no idea what to do next.

My subconscious mind must have been on the look-out for the next step, because very soon I went to health-spa and saw a talk by a hypnotherapist.  Although she was pretty eccentric and I had never experienced hypnotherapy before, I was struck by what she had to say.

The idea that words can have such a potent effect (either positively or negatively) on our minds and the choices we make in life – this stuck with me.

I just knew that I had to retrain as a hypnotherapist and I was so unhappy in my job that I was willing to listen to my inner voice.

I made my decision and that was that.  I followed my instinct and left my job to start training as a hypnotherapist (my employers thought I was bonkers btw!)

I leapt.

Was it easy?  Well, the initial decision was fairly easy, but the process since certainly hasn’t been.

Do I regret making the leap?   Nope! That jump has taken me on a path that I could never have envisioned.

Along the way I met my husband, moved house, started my own business, have worked with many wonderful clients and met the most amazing, inspirational people.

If someone had told me where that initial step would lead, I wouldn’t have believed them.

But here I am and I keep taking steps along my path.

So, why am I sharing this with you?

Well, often I speak to friends or work with clients and they tell me how unhappy they are in their current situation.  I wonder if it’s the same for you right now?

Maybe you detest your job and get that sinking Monday-morning feeling at the beginning of each week?

Perhaps you feel lost or stuck in your relationship?

Maybe you lie awake at night thinking there must be more to life and wondering how you ended up where you are right now?

I wonder if you find yourself reasoning that you will just, ‘See how it goes’, ‘Give it some time’ and ‘Wait and see if it gets better’.

Now I’m all for taking personal responsibility and not blaming your unhappiness on anyone else.  But that doesn’t mean you have to stay in a situation where you’re not happy.

If you’re feeling dissatisifed, discontented, stuck or downright pissed-off at the moment, there is a reason.

Maybe your soul is calling out to you, ‘Hey, you could do something different you know?  There is SO much more for you –  there’s so much more you could have, do and be.’

Listen, can you hear it?

Your inner voice.  Your inner wisdom.  Your higher self.

What is she saying to you?

What is she calling you to do?

What would happen if you listened and took action?

Yes, it might be scary.  Yes, it might not lead where you expect.   But what are the implications if you stay where you are right now?

Weeks, months, even years of being unhappy.

Seriously?  Are you prepared to put up with that?

Listen to your inner knowing.

Maybe you know what the next step is?  And if you don’t right now, set your intention to look out for it.

Very soon, you will receive a sign, your next step will become clear.  I promise.

I’m not especially brave or entrepreneurial.  I just took that initial jump and followed on from there.

If you feel deep-down that you want to make a change, you can do it!

And if you want some help to make that leap?  If this post has resonated with you and you would like the chance to explore your next step, then I would LOVE to offer you a complimentary Clarity Call with me.

During this 30-minute call, we’ll explore what’s going on for you right now, anything that’s holding you back and how to move forward. Just click here to access my diary and book in for your Clarity Call.  Looking forward to speaking with you!

Nicola x

Is it my fault?

Is it my fault_Do you ever feel like you’re creating a whole load of s**t in your life?

Maybe you’ve watched ‘The Secret’, read about the Law of Attraction and realised that we are all powerful creators of our own realities.  Wonderful.

But, sometimes nagging doubts can pop up:

‘Hang on, what am I actually manifesting in my life?’

‘Maybe I’m totally limiting myself?’

‘How can I stop all of these pesky negative thoughts that keep creeping into my mind?’

I was speaking with a client the other day and she was worried about the impact some of her limiting beliefs might be having on her life and the results she was seeing in her business. 

Rather than focusing on how helpful it was that she had brought these unconscious beliefs into her awareness (so now she can start shifting them), she was panicking about what these thoughts would create.

I completely get this.  When I first started doing this kind of work and realising that my inner world (my thoughts, emotions and beliefs) could impact my outer world,  initially I felt a huge sense of excitement.

Then, very soon afterwards I thought:

‘But what about all of those negative thoughts that just seem to jump into my head?’

‘What about when I’m feeling like crap and don’t want to get out of bed?’

‘What about all of those deep limiting beliefs I’ve been working on?’

I became totally paralysed with fear, panic and self-doubt.

‘Arrghh, I can’t think!  Must keep the negativity out of my mind!’

The result?  I created the worst month in my business EVER.  I attracted no new clients, I made virtually no money and I felt like I would have to give it all up and go back to working a 9-5.

At the same time, I was beating myself up about how I had managed to manifest what felt like a huge disaster.  Not a good state of mind to be in.

What did I do to get out of the crap?

  • I talked about what was going on for me – with my coach, my mastermind group, my friends and Mr H.
  • I started to take action – small, simple steps that helped me to feel like I was back in control and moving forwards.
  • I continued doing the inner work – shifting limiting beliefs and reframing any negative thoughts.

By doing this, I managed to get myself back into a positive state of mind and start creating magic again.

But, there are still times when stuff happens in my life and I go into self-blame mode.  And I see this happen often, both with my clients and in my network.

My beautiful friend and mentor, Carly Hope, calls it ‘The curse of the conscious woman’.  We know we are powerful creators, so we beat ourselves up whenever anything happens in our lives that we don’t like.

So, if you are feeling like s**t is happening in your life right now and it’s all your fault, what can you do?

The first thing is to stop using your amazing awareness and insight as a stick to beat yourself with!

Each time you recognise a belief that could be limiting or a seemingly negative thought, see it as a gift.  Tell yourself, ‘This is an opportunity for me to let this go and write a new story for myself.’

Any new awareness is the first step to change.  Welcome any doubts, fears, anger and frustration as a sign that something is shifting for you.

By doing this, you are placing yourself in a position of power, rather than slipping into a downward spiral to blame-ville.

Secondly, appreciate all of the good that you have already created.

I can guarantee that you’ve manifested a whole load of beauty in your life.  Look around you now and focus on what you have in your life that you love – relationships, children, pets, home, work, surroundings.

Think about all of the amazing things you have done in your life, all the people you have met, how far you have come.

It can be easy to focus on the s**t rather than the good stuff, so switch that around.

When I started working on my wealth consciousness, at first I felt frustrated with my income.  I felt like I should be more successful.

Then I took stock and realised that over the past few years, I had manifested:

  • A total change of career
  • My own business
  • A husband
  • A gorgeous new home

Not bad, eh?  When I did this, I could see that I was totally rocking my power as a creator.  It just wasn’t in the ‘money in the bank’ way.

As soon as I acknowledged this, I actually started to see more financial results as I felt so much more powerful.

You might not always get what you desire in the exact way that you expect, but you are manifesting all of the time.  Choose to focus on the gorgeousness you’ve created in your life.

When you do that, you will feel lifted, your vibration will increase and more of the good stuff will flow your way.

So, instead of slipping into a place of self-blame and doubt, step into your power as a creator.

See any new awareness as an exciting opportunity to create a shift and acknowledge what you have manifested in your life so far.

Your next step. Want to learn about some powerful practices that will help you create the  perfect abundance mindset? Click here to join my free Money Mastery 7-Day Kickstarter Challenge and get started right away.

The 7 success secrets I learned from running (yes, running!)

The 7 success secrets I learned from runningAs I write this I’ve spent most of the day sitting down, either in front of the laptop or with clients.
Later this evening I’ll be hosting the third group call of my Money Mastery Summer Camp (again sitting down).

About an hour ago, my body started crying out to move.  Not gentle movement, but something energetic and heart-pounding, so I took myself for a run (see my post-run selfie above!)

I’m a huge advocate of listening to your body’s needs.  And as I was running I got inspired to write this blog post, so I got to work out AND get creative.  That’s what happens when you listen to your beautiful body!

Anyhow, I digress.  Whatever you’re aiming for – more money, more clients, or more love in your life, here are the 7 Success Secrets I have learned from running.

1) Get Support

I’m not talking about a sports bra here (although, of course, that’s essential!)  I know that if I go for a run on my own, I’ll stretch myself to a point, but then I might just ease up a little (yes, that could be me slowing to a walk!)

When I go for a run with Mr H or a friend, I blooming well keep going.  Stopping is not an option when you have support (particularly from Mr H – he’s a harsh taskmaster!)

Don’t go it alone.  Gather a team of supporters around you.

2) Get regular

When I run only occasionally, it feels like really hard work.  I struggle for breath and my legs ache.

When I’m running regularly (for me that’s two or three times a week), I can feel my fitness levels improving.  I notice how I’m making progress and I feel more motivated.

The same goes for success in business, money-making, relationships – put the work in and make it a regular practice.

3) Take a break

Which brings me on to my next point.    Yes, you need to work to achieve success, but you also need to rest.  If I tried to run every day (never actually happened, but I can imagine!), I would burn out and collapse in a heap somewhere.

Take a break.  Rest.  Do something completely different for a while.  Then come back fresh.

4) Mix it up

If you look at any kind of running training program, it will encourage you to do long, steady runs, alongside interval runs, where you intersperse a steady pace with shorter, faster runs.

The same goes for success.  If you just plod along steadily doing the same thing all the time, you will get bored (and so will those around you).  Do something different.  Stretch yourself.  Mix it up.

5) Inner game

When I first started running (many years ago) I used to tell myself, I couldn’t run.  I would say, ‘Running is really hard, I’m just not built for it’.

This was so not true, but as I told myself that I couldn’t do it, I proved myself right every time I tried (I struggled to get to the end of the road!)

When I switched my thinking and started telling myself, ‘Of course I can do this!’, I noticed that running became much easier.

The inner game, your thoughts and beliefs, make a HUGE difference.  Start telling yourself, ‘Hell yeah, I can do this!’ and you will.

6) Be inspired

Have you ever watched the London marathon (or any other race) on TV and felt like you wanted to do the same?

Yep, me too.  When we see others achieving what we want, it motivates us to keep going, to put the work in and tells us that it is possible.

Search out others who are doing what you want to do.  Read about them.  Watch them (not in a stalky way!)  Connect with them.  Allow yourself to be inspired.

7) Commit to a clear goal

The times when I’ve really got serious about my running and seen great results are when I’ve had a goal to work towards.  If I know I have a race coming up, I put the training in.

If I don’t have a clear goal, I’m a bit more half-hearted about it.

What’s your goal?  Commit to it now.  Share it with someone else.   Then get going.

So, that’s my 7 success secrets – which one resonates with you most?  Which one are you going to take action on right now?

Decide and go do it!

The myth of imperfect action

I'm perfectI wonder how often you’ve heard the advice, ‘Imperfect action is better than no action’. 
Certainly in the world of female entrepreneurs, this kind of statement is made all the time – by mentors and coaches, as part of e-courses and programs, I’ve even used these words myself (many times!)

It’s almost become a badge of honour, ‘Hey, I take action even though I know it’s imperfect!’

The idea of not waiting to take action is great, but recently I’ve noticed that the use of the word ‘imperfect’ really bothers me.

Words are so important in the work I do.

The words we use when we talk about ourselves, either out loud or in our minds, are hugely powerful.  Each one sends a message both to ourselves and out into the universe, saying ‘This is how I see myself’.

The definition of ‘imperfect’ is: not perfect; faulty or incomplete, faulty, flawed, defective, unsaleable, unfit, inferior, shoddy, below par.

So, when you use the word ‘imperfect’ about yourself and the action you’re taking, what kind of message are you sending out?

‘Hey universe, I’m starting before I’m ready (even though my creation is pretty shoddy!’)

‘I’m being brave and taking action, (but deep down I believe I’m inferior to everyone else out there.)’

‘I’m stepping up and putting myself out there, (even though I know I’m flawed in some way.)

Quite frankly, f**k that!

As soon as you get it into your head that you, or what you’re doing, is imperfect, you’ll feel restricted or limited in some way.

The fact is, if you decide to take action, if you decide to create something and put it out into the world, then it is PERFECT.  It can’t be imperfect, because it simply reflects where you are right now.

In this moment, you are perfect.  In this moment, whatever action you take is perfect.  In this moment, whatever you create is perfect.

You cannot be imperfect at being you!  You can’t get being you wrong.

Be you, take your action, create what you choose to.

You are perfect.  You are glorious.  You are perfect as you are in this moment.

So, from now on, how about you choose not to compare yourself, the action you take or whatever you create to anyone else’s idea of perfect?

How about choosing to tell yourself a different story?

How about choosing to see yourself and everything you do or create as perfect, as beautiful, as just right in this moment?

Let’s stop with all this talk of imperfection.  Choose to celebrate your uniqueness.

You are perfect.