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3 Simple Shifts That Will Make You Prosper in Your Witchy Business

I remember the very last day of my hypnotherapy training. After a year-long course covering everything we needed to be amazing hypnotherapists and coaches, on the last morning there was  short session on how to actually run your own business.

It went something like this: 1) Get a website. 2) Tell everyone about what you do.

And that was pretty much it.

It’s been the same with any other therapeutic and magical trainings I’ve done since. There’s usually little or no teaching about how to actually get paid for what you’re being trained to offer. This results in lots and lots of incredibly skilled practitioners, most of whom are unable to make a sustainable, let alone abundant, income from their businesses.

And this pisses me off. Because the world needs more entrepreneurial witches. But most of the information out there about how to build a successful business is distinctly mundane and surface-level. The ubiquitous ‘7 Steps to Your First Million Dollars’ webinars and ebooks that you see online just don’t work for us witches. We need something, well, more magical.

So, after 7-plus years of experimenting in my own business, in this essay I’m sharing three key shifts that will help you to get abundantly well paid for what you do.

1) F**k the funnel. Let’s spiral

You may have heard of the term ‘funnel’ when it comes to sales and marketing. It’s meant to describe the client journey from initially becoming aware of you, to active interest and eventually purchasing your product or service.

Now I have no problem at all with sales and marketing. These are the processes that enable us to reach the people we’re here to help. But I do have a problem with the word ‘funnel’.

When I think of a sales and marketing funnel, my heart sinks. My mind conjours up an image of a giant sausage machine, with potential clients falling into the top and going through this horrible, mechanical process.

I know, I know! A funnel doesn’t have to be like that, but my mind just won’t have it. There is nothing sexy or compelling about the idea of a funnel. Our subconscious minds respond to metaphors and symbols. And this is why it’s crucial that the ideas we use in our businesses are resonant.

That’s why I prefer to think of a marketing spiral.

For me, the nature of the spiral more fully describes both the process my potential clients experience from the time they first become aware of me, and also the process I undertake when I come into contact with some kind of coach or practitioner I might want to work with as a client.

The spiral symbolises the journey of life, a gradual unfolding, an expansion and deepening of consciousness. Now, isn’t that a darn sight more sexy than a funnel?

The way I envision it, when someone first becomes aware of my work, they step onto a spiral with me. From whichever point they access the spiral, maybe through downloading one of my free resources, reading one of my books, or joining my Facebook group, we begin to co-create a experience. And that collaborative experience is unique for each person who steps onto the spiral.

The spiral also represents the way that at times, our potential clients may move further away from us. There may be points where they feel resistance to what we’re sharing and they retreat. But the spiral continues and if they don’t decide to step off completely, they will circle around again, always from a slightly different perspective.

The spiral is a journey deeper. It’s organic. And very much magical.

So, would it unlock something within you if you imagined your marketing in terms of a spiral, rather than a funnel? Are they any other words that trigger you when it comes to business? What other, more resonant, words could you choose?

2) Unbound pricing

Pricing can be a source of continual confusion and conflict for entrepreneurial witches. Often it’s tricksy to define the precise nature of what we do and that means it can be challenging to put a price on our services.

There’s a temptation to crowdsource prices, to compare with others or think purely in terms of hourly rates. But all of this ignores the unique quality of what you offer. It negates your magic.

The truth is that the very essence of who you are and what you do in the world is transformational. So when you’re choosing your prices (and yes, it’s YOU who gets to choose your prices), you need to consider the unique transformation you offer to your clients.

You also need to choose prices that allow you to be well-rewarded for what you do. (Note: It’s okay to be well-rewarded for what you do).

If the prices you charge mean that you’re going to be working all the hours just to get by, then you’re likely to be unconsciously repelling clients. Because, one, you’ll be exhausted, two, you’ll be resentful at some level and three, you’ll be continually anxious about money. All of this adds up to a big pile of heavy resistance.

So, when it comes to pricing, unbind yourself from others’ expectations and limiting stories about what you should or shouldn’t charge. Dissolve the old enchantments you have around money and your ability to receive it. Be aware of the energetic nature of pricing. Consider the transformation you offer your clients. And allow yourself to take into account what you actually want to receive.

If you want more help around setting your prices, click here to download my free unbound pricing guide.

3) Focus on what keeps YOU up at night

One of the standard pieces of marketing advice is to focus on what keeps your ideal clients up at night. The idea is that once you know what this is, you can share content around it and this will appeal to and attract people who want to work with you.

I get that. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

But as the unashamedly selfish witch I am, I’d much rather share what keeps me up at night. Whether it’s something I’m worrying about or something that I’m so excited about I can’t sleep, I want to be talking about that.

And this is not entirely selfish, of course. Because I know that if something is keeping me awake at night, then it’s bound to be on the mind of my potential and existing clients too.

This essay is a case in point. The idea for this article literally came knocking at 2am on a Friday morning when I was tucked up in bed and trying to get back to sleep. I felt an electrical sense of energy in every cell of my body, as the words started coming through in fully formed sentences. I knew that I had to share it.

Compare this to previous times in my business when I would have tried to stick to a rigid process of sharing one blog post per week based on what I thought my ideal clients wanted to hear. Although I created some good, helpful content, there was a dullness about it. Because it wasn’t lighting me up.

This year I made a commitment to share whenever something comes up for me, rather than sticking to a rigid, good-girl, consistent process. And I trust that whatever I’m sharing will be compelling to my audience. If it’s not, I still get to benefit from the creative process of expressing myself fully. So, at the very least it’s a win. And more often than not, it’s a win-win, because what I’m sharing resonates deeply with many of the women who read it.

So, what’s keeping you awake at night right now? What would it be like to share freely from that place?

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Be careful what you wish for? Here’s how to move through fear and manifest your heart’s desires

Recently I received this question from one of my clients:

‘When I think about manifesting something I start to panic. I keep getting the words ‘Be careful what you wish for’ come to mind.

I worry that unless I get every detail right and cover every eventuality that I might technically get what I ask for,  but it isn’t actually what I meant or wanted.

Can you help?’

This is a great question! 

‘Be careful what you wish for’ is part of our cultural psyche. Many of us were told this when we were growing up – by parents, grandparents and teachers. And these words can have a powerful paralysing effect.

When you’re consciously using the law of attraction, the most important thing is to be as free as possible from resistance. However, if you’re trying to be careful and ‘get it right’, then you automatically slip into a place of resistance and this is the dilemma.

But fear not. There is a way to move out of resistance and become a master of manifestation.

The fact is you’re constantly manifesting regardless of whether you’re doing it consciously or not. (You can’t NOT be using the law of attraction).

What you have in your life right now is evidence of your manifesting to date.  One of my mentors uses the phrase ‘Having is evidence of wanting’.

Hmmm, interesting.

And challenging.

Particularly if you feel that what you have in your life right now doesn’t reflect in any way what you actually want. Wtf is going on there?

The truth is that if you’re having trouble manifesting what you think you want, then something else is at play. And that something else is your subconscious mind – the deep, mysterious part of your mind that holds all of the patterns, programmes, fears, enchantments and beliefs that have been created during your lifetime.

Some of this ‘stuff’ is helpful, protecting you from danger and making sure you don’t have to tackle every task like it’s the first time you’ve done it.

And some of it, not so much.

The tricksy thing is that the very nature of your subconscious mind means that it’s generally out of your awareness. (If you were aware of everything in your subconscious mind, you’d shut down quicker than an overloaded computer server).

So we need to find ways of bringing our subconscious stuff into our awareness, so we can manifest in a clearer, more powerful way.

Fortunately I have some ways for you to do this. As a witchy hypnotherapist, I spend much of my time delving into the subconscious. And I’m going to share some fairly simple techniques here with you now. You’re welcome!

Heads up: You don’t have to work through all of these tips unless you feel especially called to. Start with the one that feels most compelling for you right now and take it from there.  This is an evolving process. Have fun with it.

Tip One

Look at anything you’ve consciously used the law of attraction to create and reflect on how it actually manifested.

How is it different from what you hoped for/expected?

What does this tell you about your underlying beliefs? For example, say you manifested a new client but then they backed out or became a pain to work with, it could signify a belief that your work isn’t good enough or making money has to be a pain or come at a cost.

The key thing here is to find your own meaning.

Once you have brought these beliefs into your awareness, you can begin to shift them. Actually just bringing them into your awareness and shining a light on them is a big step towards changing them.

You can find out more about how to transform limiting beliefs here.

Tip Two

Reflect on something you have in your life right now that you feel you really don’t want – maybe some debt or a lack of clients. Ask yourself:

If there was a part of me that actually wanted to experience this, what need is it trying to meet?

How do I benefit from this situation?

What do I gain from having this?

Now you might be thinking, ‘Nicola, are you crazy? There is no way I benefit from having zero clients or a shedload of debt.’

But humour me. Give this some time and dig deep. If there was some kind of gain here, what would it be?

Maybe there’s a part of that needs to feel small and safe so it creates a limited financial situation for you to do this?

Perhaps you were brought up in a family that had a lot of debt and it feels familiar to you? If you were financially abundant, perhaps you wouldn’t quite fit in with your family or friends?

Maybe deep down you worry that you’ll be criticised if you make a lot of money/do well in your business, so you unconsciously repel clients?

Spend some time writing down all the possible ways you benefit from your current situation. In a similar way to tip one, just doing this will begin to create a shift.

To take this a step further, think about the part of you that has manifested this situation – the part of you that most is most likely trying to protect you in some way.

Imagine what this part of you is like. What does she look like? What kind of things does she say? Who does she remind you of?

See if you can find a way to send this part of you some love and appreciation for all the hard work she’s done up until now. Let this part of you know that you’re ready to experience something different. You can either do this in meditation or as a letter in your journal.

Find out more about how to work in this way in my book, Heal Your Inner Good Girl.

Tip Three

When you’re thinking about manifesting something and start to worry or the words ‘Be careful what you wish for’ come to mind, ask yourself, ‘What are my fears around this? What am I worried might happen if I manifest this goal?’ and write it all down.

Getting it out of your head and onto paper is very powerful and you can also burn your list of fears too and ask for them to be released from you. You might like to try my special full moon releasing ceremony to super-charge this process.

So there are three ways for your to start bringing your subconscious ‘stuff’ out into the shiny light of your awareness. This is powerful work and it helps to adopt a playful approach to it.

Your next steps.

Want to know more about how you could dive deeper into this to refine your manifesting capabilities and dissolve the old, subconscious patterns that have been holding you back?  Click here to access my calendar and schedule a time for us to have an initial exploratory conversation about working with me in my private coaching practice.

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How to break out of the ‘just enough’ money cycle

break out of the just enough money cycleVery often when I first start working with my money mastery clients, they tell me that whatever they do, they can’t seem to make more than enough in their businesses. 

They feel like they’re struck in a cycle of making just enough money to cover their basic expenses with little (or nothing) left over to spend on the things they’d really like to buy – travel and holidays, personal development, treating their families and getting the support they want (and need) in their businesses.

Every month feels like a grind to pay the bills without ever getting to the point when they feel abundant and spacious.

I completely get this. For the first few years of my business, I felt like my income was on a rollercoaster and I never seemed to be able to make more than enough. It was exhausting!

It felt like really hard work to attract new clients and when I did, they would always opt for a payment plan, rather than paying in full upfront, so I constantly felt like I was playing catch up in my bank account.

By shifting my mindset and beliefs around money and my value, I was able to move out of the ‘just enough’ grind and generate a stream of engaged, committed, ideal clients, most of whom choose to pay-in-full. And it’s through this very same mindset and belief work that I help my clients to do the same.

So, what can you do if you’re stuck in a cycle of ‘just enough’ right now?

Here are my top tips.

1) What are the potential negative consequences of having more than enough?

This might seem like an odd question, because why wouldn’t you want to have more than enough money? But often when we’re up-levelling, there can be unconscious fears about what the effects may be.

  • Perhaps you secretly worry that people won’t like you when you have more money?
  • Or you fear that the extra money will cause you stress?
  • Maybe you think that you’ll get criticised for having (and wanting) more?

When these fears and worries are unconscious, they bubble away under the surface causing you to self-sabotage and hold yourself back.

To break out of the ‘just enough’ cycle, you need to bring all of these potential negative consequences out into the open, shining a big ol’ light on them, so that they lose their power.

Take some time to journal on the question: ‘What’s the worst that could happen if I made x amount?’

Give yourself at least 15 minutes and write down everything that comes up for you (however irrational it seems). By bringing these unconscious fears to the surface, you can begin to challenge and move past them.

2) Look for where else ‘just enough’ is showing up in your life

If you’re struggling with ‘just enough’ in your income, it’s likely that this pattern is showing up in other areas of your life as well. So ask yourself, where else am I putting up with ‘just enough’?

  • Maybe it’s something simple, like waiting until you get right to the end of your shampoo before buying some more?
  • Maybe you rush around and make just enough time for yourself, so you end up feeling exhausted?
  • Maybe you’re just visible enough in your business, so although some of your potential clients are vaguely aware of you, you’re not reaching as many people as you’d like?

There are SO many ways you can be reinforcing the ‘just enough’ pattern and this will always be reflected in your income.

Start allowing yourself to receive more than enough in as many ways as possible. Often this doesn’t need to cost much (if anything). 

  • Buy a new bottle of shampoo in plenty of time to replace your current one.
  • Schedule some regular ‘me-time’ in your calendar.
  • Challenge yourself to be more visible than feels completely comfortable.

All of these thighs will shift you into a ‘more than enough’, abundance mindset.

3) What’s the underlying belief that’s keeping you stuck in ‘just enough’?

There’s usually an underlying belief about yourself and your place in your world that causes this ‘just enough’ thinking.

  • Maybe you think that you’re not good enough to have more than you actually need?
  • Or that you don’t deserve it?
  • Perhaps you were told it’s greedy to want more when you were growing up and you’ve carried this belief into your adult life, and business?
  • Perhaps you don’t feel worth more than enough?

What are the beliefs that are keeping you stuck in this ‘just enough’ cycle?

Again, take some time to journal on this. Bring these limiting beliefs into your awareness because you can then begin to challenge them.

And if you want some extra help to shift these limiting beliefs, I’ve put together a special tapping routine using Emotional Freedom Technique to help you get out of just enough thinking.  You can watch the video and tap along right now..

If you’d like to get access to more content and trainings like this, I’d love to welcome you over in my free online community, Unbound Living. Click here to join us now.

How to grow your business (and income) when it feels like you’re NOT motivated by money

6-ways-to-grow-your-business-and-your-income-when-youre-not-motivated-by-moneyHow do you find the desire to grow your business when it feels like you’re NOT motivated by money?

This might seem like a strange question! Why wouldn’t you be motivated to make more money? That’s what you’re in business for, right?

Well if you’re anything like me or the money mastery clients I work with, then money is only ONE of the reasons you’re in business amongst other juicy stuff like being able to express your creativity, being of service, having freedom and flexibility, getting your message out to the world.

And sometimes it feels like money is at the bottom of the pile. Maybe you’re making enough (even if it’s JUST enough), you manage to pay your bills each month and perhaps you’ve even got some savings left. So the desire to take action and make more money isn’t that strong.

You tick along.

But there’s something within you that KNOWS you could be, do and have so much more.

There’s something within you that KNOWS you have important work to share with the world.

There’s something within you that KNOWS you’ve been holding back up until now.

And it’s frustrating. Because you can’t seem to get out of the starting gates.

You feel energised for a few days or even weeks and then you find yourself procrastinating and feeling stuck.

You have a good month financially and think you’ve cracked it and then the next month it’s crickets again.

It’s not about motivation to make money. (It’s never just about the money). It’s about motivation in general.

So, here’s how you tap into that motivation when you’re a soul-led, heart-centred woman in business.

1. When you think about the money you want to make, focus on the way it will FEEL to have that money, as well as the specific amount. 

Think about the experiences you will have, how you’ll feel freer and be able to be generous with yourself and others. For most of my money mastery clients, it’s never about the ‘stuff’ they can buy, but the experience and feeling of abundance. When you tune into the feeling you’re wanting to create, you’ll naturally feel more motivated.

2. Think about the IMPACT you’ll be having when you’re allowing yourself to receive more money.

I know your work is important to you – it’s not just something you do just for the money (that’s a given) – and the more you make, the more of a difference you’ll be making. Isn’t that motivating?

3. Check in with your beliefs around money.

Are you resisting making money because you secretly believe it’s wrong to want more?

Did you pick up the message that money was bad in some way when you were growing up and have you carried this belief into your business?

Maybe you think it’s unspiritual to focus on money and you feel kinda icky when you come to charging a good price for your services?

It’s time to challenge these old, limiting money beliefs! Actively look for people who are making a BIG difference with the money they’re making and think back to point two – the more money you make, the more of service you’re being. It’s a win-win.

My free 7-day Money Mastery Kickstarter Challenge has been designed to help you transform your relationship with money once and for all. Click here to get started right away.

4. Break any big money goals down into manageable chunks.

If you’re thinking about having a six-figure year and you’ve never made this much before, it could feel out of reach.  When a goal feels unreachable, it can be tricky to get motivated and take action. SO chunk your big money goal down.

For example, to make 100,000, you need to make 8,333 per month, just over 2,000 per week or 400 per day (assuming you work 48 weeks per year and 5 days per week). Which of these figures feels most motivating to you? For me, monthly amounts feel good, but perhaps a daily figure feels best for you?

5. Maybe you’re thinking too small?

It’s possible that the income goal you’ve chosen isn’t juicy enough to motivate you. For me personally, when I was thinking about making £5k per month, I couldn’t get excited about it, so I would be a bit half-hearted in my action-taking. When I started to focus on making £10k per month (and beyond), I tapped into more motivation and my business has moved to a new level. I might not always reach my monthly goal, but I make FAR more money and attract more opportunities than I was doing before.

Experiment with some different income goals and see which one truly excites you.

6. Have fun with it!

Don’t get too hung up on the numbers, try and see it as a bit of a game. As I mentioned in point five, experiment with different income goals and ways of reaching them. Reward yourself for every step along the way. By doing this and adopting a playful attitude, you can’t go wrong because you’ll enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

So, that’s six special ways to move out of procrastination & stuck-ness and tap into a new source of motivation in your business. If you’re ready to breakthrough to a brand new level of  income, click here to download my free 21-day action plan to do just that?

5 steps to consistently making $5k per month in your business

5 steps to $5kThere’s a LOT of talk out there in the online world about six-figure businesses and five-figure months. But when I first speak to my money mastery clients and ask them what their income goal is, for many of them the answer is $5k a month.

Sometimes they’re just starting out in their businesses, but for many they’ve been in business for 1-3 years and not yet been able to generate a consistent monthly income.  In both cases it often feels that $5k a month is a good starting point for future growth.

Now as a Money Coach, I’m all in favour of thinking big when it comes to income goals and making quantum leaps, but it can feel easier to make those leaps from a place where you feel comfortably supported.

When you’re consistently generating $5k a month, you know that you have a viable business with clients willing to pay for your products or services, you’ve demonstrated your ability to generate income (yay! You can do it) and you’ll have more than enough money coming in to cover your expenses.

So, if you’re not there yet, how do you get to a place where you’re consistently creating an income of $5k every month?  In this article, I’m giving you my top five tips.

1) Get your pricing right

The first step is to think about exactly what it will take for you to generate $5k of income in your business each month.

How many clients will you need to attract?

What products or services will you offer them?

How many hours will you work?

Get clear on what $5k a month looks like in your business.  Write down exactly how many clients you want to work with during the month and what you will offer them.

When you do this, check in that it feels sustainable and manageable for you.  If you need to attract hundreds of clients and you have no idea how to do this, then your first $5k might feel like too much of a stretch, leaving you feeling stressed-out and anxious.

This is where pricing comes in.  If the idea of making $5k a month feels like it’s going to be really hard work for you, then maybe your pricing is out of wack?

You need to consider whether you’re under-charging for your services right now.   Be honest with yourself.   Do the prices you’re currently charging feel too low?

A good way to do this is to take each service or product you offer and write a list of all the ways your clients benefit from it.  Really go to town and write down every single positive impact you can think of.  (Give yourself at least 10 minutes for each product or service you offer).

Once you’ve done this, think about the price you’re currently charging and check in with how it feels for you.  If the price reflects all the benefits your clients receive, then great.

However, when I take my own clients through this exercise, they often realise that the prices they’ve been charging are too low and it feels right to increase them (recently I worked with a client who was able to double her prices after doing this exercise and immediately created more sales).

The fact is, if you’re charging a price that feels too low, you can actually be repelling potential clients as they perceive your product or service as low value.

In addition to this, you can end up subconsciously sabotaging yourself from attracting clients, as your pricing just doesn’t feel sustainable.  Your subconscious mind is there to protect you and it won’t let you do something if it feels like it’s too much hard work.

So, getting your pricing right is the first step to consistently generating $5k a month.

Want more help with pricing? Click here to download my free pricing guide where I give you a simple process to work through and share the 7 specific questions you need to ask before setting your prices.

2) Get visible!

Fact: You are never going to create the income you desire if potential clients don’t know you exist.

You need to be seen.

Maybe you’ve got a lovely website, a Facebook business page and other social media accounts, but are you proactively building relationships with potential clients?

It’s not enough to put the occasional post on Facebook or publish the odd blog.  To generate consistent income in your business, you need to be truly visible.

Here are some ideas that will help you get known by your ideal clients:

  • Hang out in the same Facebook groups as your ideal clients and build relationships there – be helpful, answer and ask questions, be supportive (do not just jump in occasionally and make an offer!)
  • Go to networking groups and connect with potential clients and collaborators
  • Write a regular content-rich blog (if writing’s not your thing, how about making a video or podcast?) and ALWAYS include a clear call-to-action.
  • Build a list of subscribers and contact them regularly with super-useful content
  • Host a launch (or relaunch) event either online or in-person
  • Give free taster sessions and (most importantly!) ask people to work with you at the end

There are LOTS of ways you can make yourself more visible.  And I’m guessing you already know about how to do this, so what’s stopping you from getting out there?

For many of the women I work with, it’s a fear of being seen.

I get this.  It can feel scary to stand up and say, ‘This is what I do. This is what I have to offer.’

So, first of all acknowledge that it’s completely normal to feel scared when you’re stepping out of your comfort zone.  In fact, it’s a good sign because it means you’re stretching yourself (and you officially ROCK!)

Secondly. there are things you can do to release this fear.  My go-to tool is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping as it’s often known.  EFT is super-simple and versatile and I use it pretty much daily for myself and recommend it to all of my money mastery clients. Click here to see the latest EFT videos on my Youtube channel.

3) Be in receiving mode

This is super-important!  It’s no good setting a goal to create $5k a month of income and not being open to receive.

So, what does being in receiving mode mean?

You need to be contacting, speaking to and making offers to potential clients.

If you already have prospective clients getting in touch with you, fantastic!

Now you just need to make sure you’re getting back to them promptly and letting them know what you can do for them (either by phone, email or in-person depending on your business).

You also need to make sure you’re following up with any enquiries you receive if potential clients haven’t got back to you.  Remember, people have busy lives and may forget to get back in touch with you.  Often they’ll appreciate a follow-up call or email to remind them that you have exactly what they need.

If you haven’t got potential clients contacting you right now, you need to be more proactive.

You can use all of the visibility tips I mentioned above to let people know what you do and how you can help them.  Make sure you include an offer or a way to connect with you further in every interaction (this doesn’t have to be spammy!  Remember, you’re simply allowing your potential clients to receive what they need whilst clearly being in receiving mode yourself).

If you want to know more about the subtle qualities of ‘receive-ability’, click here to check out one of my most popular blog posts where I’m talking about it in more detail.

4) Believe in yourself

This is what underpins everything else I’ve been talking about in this article.  Your beliefs are the thing that make the difference between generating a consistent, growing income in your business and finding it hard to bring money in.

You might have heard how your thoughts create your reality and beliefs are simply deeply-engrained thought patterns that can either be helpful and supportive or limiting and restrictive.

So, if you have beliefs like, ‘I can do it!’, ‘Money flows to me effortlessly’ or ‘I have SO much value to offer the world’, then you’ll find that you get to your $5k a month and beyond much more easily than if you have beliefs like:

‘I’m not good enough.’

‘It’s really hard to make money.’

‘People in my area won’t pay what I want to charge.’

‘There aren’t enough clients for me.’

‘I’m not sure whether what I’ve got to offer is of value.’

If you have these kind of beliefs running, they’re going to hold you back and make it really hard work to create the income you desire.

Working with beliefs, and particularly money beliefs, lies at the core of what I do with my money mastery clients.  You want your beliefs to lift you up and make you feel like you can take on the world, not shrink you down and make you feel like you want to crawl back under the covers in the morning.

So, if you feel that your beliefs aren’t supporting you right now, what do you do?

Well this could be a whole other blog post and it is!  Recently I wrote about how to shift limiting money beliefs by holding your very own Full Moon Ceremony.  The good news is you don’t have to wait until full moon to do this.  You can simply follow the steps and get the same results.  Click here to read the blog post and learn how to create new, positive beliefs that will support you in reaching $5k per month.

5) Accountability and support

You’re nearly there!  If you work through all of the steps I’ve outlined above and take consistent action, you’ll soon be creating the income you desire.

My final tip is that you don’t have to do all of this on your own.  In fact, it’s SO much easier if you allow yourself to get support.

When I started my hypnotherapy practice six years ago, I didn’t quite realise that as well as seeing clients, I’d have to spend a lot of time on marketing, admin, sales, techy stuff and content-creation.

But I was determined to do it all myself.  It was MY business and I believed that meant I had to do every, single task necessary to make it successful.

The thing is, trying to do it all by yourself is exhausting.  And it can prevent you from becoming more successful.  If you’re working like a mad woman, burning yourself out whilst trying to get everything done, alarm bells start to go off in your protective subconscious mind and it will find subtle ways to prevent your business from becoming any bigger (self-sabotage rearing its head again!)

When I FINALLY made the decision to get help in my business, it created much more space for me to do the things I love – working with clients and creating – and these are also the activities that generate income for me.  So, I felt supported and I was making more money.  How’s that for a win-win?

So, what kind of support do you need in your business?

Initially it might be hiring a Virtual Assistant for a couple of hours, getting some help with social media or your website.  The idea is to put support in place now, so your business can grow.

I’ve also mentioned accountability here as this is key to achieving your goals.  When you publicly commit to making a particular level of income, you are much more likely to take action and do it.

When I say ‘publicly commit’, I don’t mean you have to go out into the street and declare your monthly income goal (although maybe that works for you!?), you simply need to choose someone to be accountable to – this can be a friend, a colleague, a mastermind group or a coach like me.

Accountability is the magic juice that will energise and motivate you.  My clients often value this element of working with me as much as the deep, inner work we do.

Find someone to be accountable to and share you income goal with them.

So, there are my top 5 tips to help you create a consistent income of $5000 per month.  And you can use these steps to continually increase your income from now on.

Your next step. Want to breakthrough to a juicy new income level this month? Click here to download my free Income Breakthrough Action Plan.

Here’s the no.1 question you need to ask if you’re not creating a consistent income in your business right now

The number one question you need to ask if you're NOT creating a consistent income in your business right nowAre you creating the income you TRULY want in your business right now? Or does it sometimes feel like you’re on a rollercoaster when it comes to money (with more lows than highs?).

I get it.  I’ve been stuck in that cycle of feast and famine in the past and it’s NOT a happy place to be.

And I’ve found that when you’re not creating a consistent stream of income, you need to ask yourself ONE question to find out why.

Want to know what it is?

The number one question you need to ask yourself is:

‘Where am I NOT being consistent in my business right now?’

Everything in your life and your business is a mirror for you, including your income, so if you have an inconsistent income at the moment, then you are being inconsistent somewhere.

Now I know this might be pretty hard to hear.

And you might feel like slipping into defence mode. ‘Nicola, I’m working really hard at my business and you’re accusing me of being inconsistent?’

I understand.

But I’m asking you to take an honest, unwavering look at yourself and how you are in your life and business.

Because the truth is, there are no quick fixes.  (Well there aren’t any quick fixes that are truly sustainable).

So take a deep breath and reflect on any areas where are you not being consistent in your business right now. I’m pretty sure that you’re amazing at what you do – the way you serve your clients, the product you create, the content you share.

But where is there inconsistency?

Maybe it’s in your marketing, or reaching out to potential clients, or finishing projects, or your pricing, or your self-care, or your inner work – your personal development.

All of these areas have an impact on your income.  And the hard fact is that if you’re being inconsistent with any one of them, then you’re likely to experience an up-and-down income.

And yes, self-care and personal development are JUST as important as the more practical elements of your business.

I was speaking with a client the other day and she mentioned that she feels guilty for taking time for personal development – to do courses or watch videos.

And I encouraged her to carve out time each week specifically for personal development – to see this as a key part of her business, not something extra.

The only time it becomes an issue is if you’re spending ALL of your time on self development and inner work and not taking action.

There are 3 pillars in your business – action, self-care and growth and personal development and they each need to be consistently consistent.

To be completely honest, I’ve certainly been inconsistent in all of these areas at times in the past.

The key reason why I started my own business was to create more freedom and flexibility in my life.  So I’ve totally resisted consistency in the past.

I’ve told myself I like to go with the flow – at times I’ve either got wrapped up in action and neglected my self-care and inner work or gone totally the other way.

But in recent months, I’ve come to see the huge value in consistency.  And that when we create consistency in our business, it allows us to experience even more freedom and flexibility (rather than panic and uncertainty!)

Side note: When I talk about action here, I mean income-generating activities.

Speaking with potential clients, following up with enquiries, making new connections, creating compelling content that draws people to you.

Not fiddling with your website for months on end, or hiding behind your laptop. (Not that you would ever do that, eh?)

So, where are you NOT being consistent right now?

I know it takes guts to have a long, hard look at yourself and admit what you’re not doing at the moment.

But I guarantee, once you identify what you’re missing out on and start incorporating it consistently – and by consistently I mean every single day – you will see a difference in your income.

And the same question can apply to abundance or thriving.  If you’re not seeing an abundant or thriving income, where are you not being abundant or thriving in your life and business right now?

This is a real power question.

So, take some time to reflect on it.  And if you want to discover how to smash that frustrating cycle of feast and famine for good, and breakthrough to a brand new income level in your business, click here to download my free Income Breakthrough Action Plan.

A tapping routine to help you create a consistent income

A tapping routine to create a consistent incomeWhat’s your biggest challenge when it comes to making money in your business?

Recently I did a survey in my online community asking this very question and 31% of the women who answered said that their biggest money challenge was creating a consistent income.

So, if you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster with your income right now (and there are more lows than highs!), I’ve put together a special tapping routine using EFT to help you start creating a consistent, thriving income.

Here it is:

And to make sure that you have everything you need to start creating a truly consistent, abundant income right away, download my free masterclass – 7 Steps to a Consistent, Thriving Income.
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3 steps to move out of desperation and into abundance

3 steps to move from desperation to abundanceI’m sure we’ve all been there.  It’s coming up to the end of the month.  You’ve got bills to pay and commitments to meet, but your income is WAY below what you had hoped it would be.

At times like this, you can feel the desperation creeping in.  You start to feel panicky and anxious about your financial situation.

And, as I’m sure you know, if you’re feeling desperate it can be challenging to attract clients and new sources of income.  It can also be difficult to take the action you need to take when you’re stuck in a place of fear and anxiety.

I dislike the word ‘Desperate’, but sometimes it’s the best description of how you’re feeling.  And the first step to creating change is always to acknowledge where you are right now.

So, if you’re feeling stuck in desperation at the moment, take a deep breath and follow these three steps to move into a new place of possibility.

1) Tap yourself into a more resourceful state

As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of my blog (and if you’re not, hey! It’s great to have you here), Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT or tapping) is my go-to tool for creating a shift and releasing limiting emotions.

Just a few rounds of tapping will help you to feel calmer and more resourceful.

And because I’m such a helpful gal, I’ve created a short tapping routine to help you move out of desperation right away.  Just click below and tap along.

 Don’t be tempted to skip this step.  EFT will help to reduce the stress hormones that are buzzing around your body right now and then you’ll find it MUCH easier to move onto the next two steps.  I promise.

How are you feeling now?  Better?

Good. Let’s move on to Step 2.

2) Gratitude and Appreciation

I know you’ve heard this before, but gratitude really is SUCH a powerful way to shift your energy.

Now that you’ve begun to tap away any feelings of desperation, panic or anxiety, I want you to make a list of at least ten things you’re grateful for right now.  If they’re related to your business and money, great! But these ten things can be anything at all – from the sun that’s shining outside, to your beautiful home or one of your loved ones.

Notice how you feel as you choose to acknowledge what you are grateful for.  You can’t help but feel better, eh?

Once you’ve made your list of ten things, I want you to spend at least five minutes writing about how far you’ve come in your business.   Reflect on what you’ve created already – any income you’ve received, clients you’ve worked with, products or services you offer.

Even if you’re a brand new entrepreneur, acknowledge the courageous leap you’ve made in starting your own business.  Go you!

Choose to appreciate how far you’ve come.

Once you’ve tuned into an energy of gratitude and appreciation, you will have raised your vibration and can move onto Step 3…

3) Take inspired action

You will now be feeling FAR more resourceful (and if you haven’t noticed a significant shift in your energy, go back and do the tapping routine one more time).

Any feelings of anxiety and desperation will be melting away and it’s time to move into momentum.

From this new place of possibility, take some time and write down at least three actions you can take to create income right away.

  • Follow up with potential client enquiries.
  • Contact previous clients to see how they’re doing and whether they need more help.
  • Hold a flash sale.
  • Have a clear-out and sell anything you don’t need or want any more.
  • Offer a one-off Pick My Brains/Strategy/Kickstarter Session to your list or on social media.

Once you have your ideas, go to it!  Start stirring the Universal energy by taking action.  It will be much easier now that you’ve shifted yourself into a more resourceful, expansive state.

If at any time you start to feel desperation creeping in again, go back and work through the first two steps.  This is a process you can come back to, time and time again if you need to.

Notice how you feel to be in momentum and be ready for the money to start flowing to you. Kapow!

I’d love you to comment below and let me know what shifts you noticed during those three steps.

And if you want to create EVEN more abundance in your life, click here to join my free 7-Day Money Mastery Kickstarter Challenge and get going right away.

Here’s to creating the income (and impact) you TRULY desire!

How to feel better when you believe that good things can’t last

How to feel better when you believe that good things can't lastI’ve been speaking to a lot of clients recently who have an underlying belief that ‘Good things don’t last’.

Whenever things are going well in their lives or businesses, rather than enjoying the good times, they have this niggling fear that it’s all going to slip away at any moment.

I wonder if you can identify with this?

Do you find it challenging to relax and enjoy the times when things are going well for you, because you’re expecting something bad to happen?

Here are some examples of how this belief – Good things don’t last – can show up in your life:

You have a great month financially in your business, but rather than celebrating you immediately start worrying that next month won’t be so good.

You sign-up an ideal new client and fear that they’ll back out before you start working together.

You meet the perfect partner, but instead of enjoying your first few weeks together you’re on the constant look-out for what’s wrong with them (because there must be something, right?)

Not only is it draining to have this underlying fear and doubt, BUT when you’re constantly expecting bad things to happen, you’re likely to manifest the very thing that you fear.

You get more of what you focus on.

So, if you’re worrying that something is going to go wrong, it probably will.

This can lead to a rollercoaster income (with more lows than highs), unreliable clients and friction in your personal relationships.

So, how can you begin to shift this limiting belief and let go of the fear that good things can’t last?

My go-to tool is tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique).  I’ve created a short tapping routine to help you let for of any fears or doubts and expand your capacity to enjoy the good stuff (and attract more of it into your life).

How did you get on?  What kind of shifts or insights did you notice as you were tapping around?

I’d love you to comment below and let me know.

And if you want to create EVEN more abundance in your life (and maintain it!), click here to join my free 7-day Money Mastery Kickstarter Challenge and get started right away.

How to become an energetic match for your ideal clients

How to become an energetic match for your ideal clients.I’m sure you’ve often thought about the kind of clients you want to attract to your business – it’s key to get clear on your ideal clients.

But have you given much thought to what YOU’re like as a client?

This week I got told that I’m the perfect client by a coach that I’m working with at the moment.

And it’s not the first time.  (I don’t say this to brag.)  But I go out of my way to be an ideal client to anyone I choose to work with.


Because I know how important it is to be an energetic match for exactly the kind of clients you want to attract into your business.

My aim is to attract clients who are committed, engaged, willing to invest in themselves and ready to take action. I’m sure you feel the same?

And, to be honest, in the past there have been many times when I haven’t been that myself.

I’ve bought courses, started off enthusiastically and then tailed off quickly without implementing what I’ve learned.

I’ve invested in group coaching programmes and not turned up for the calls.

I’ve been a lurker in the paid Facebook groups that come as part of programmes I’ve invested in.

And I’ve told myself that I couldn’t afford to invest at a high level, whilst trying to attract high-level clients myself.

And of course, when I’ve done this, not only did I not get the results I wanted from the programmes I invested in, but I also found I was attracting clients who were as unengaged, unwilling to invest and as lacking in action-taking as I was.

This is NOT a happy place to be in your business, I can tell you.

So, a couple of years ago I made a decision to show up as exactly the kind of client I wanted to attract.

  • I took action and implemented what I had learned.
  • I became an active and supportive member of the Facebook communities I had access to.
  • I showed up for coaching calls, even when I didn’t feel like it. And actually, the times I wasn’t feeling like it were the calls that I tended to get most benefit from because they shifted me out of the funk I was in.
  • I invested in myself at a high level and got the specific help I needed.
  • I gave constructive feedback to the people I chose to work with and provided testimonials without prompting.

And in doing this, my business has been transformed.

Not only have I accessed the knowledge and support that I needed to move my business forwards, but I’ve also been able to attract far more of my ideal clients.

By being an ideal client, I also create fantastic connections with the coaches and experts I work with.  This has led to speaking opportunities, referrals, joint ventures and collaborations.

So, if you’re struggling to attract your ideal clients at the moment, if you are getting people who say they can’t afford to work with you or don’t engage in the process, then take some time to look at what kind of client YOU are?

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, ‘You get back what you put out’ and this is exactly what I mean by making sure you are an energetic match for the kind of clients you want to attract.

Take some now to reflect on what kind of client you are (or have been in the past) and think about ways you can become an energetic match for your ideal clients from now on.

And if you want to discover how to set prices that feel good for you and attract more of your ideal clients, then click here to download my free pricing guide now.