3 super-fun ways to attract more riches into your life

3 super-fun ways to attract more richesIf you follow my blog, you’ll know that I’m all about having a playful approach to creating wealth.

I strongly believe that you can create a rich life without sacrifice and struggle.

So, today I want to share with you 3 really fun ways you can attract MORE into your life.

1) Play the 10 x game

This idea comes from the transformational book ‘The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity‘ by Catherine Ponder (if you haven’t read it, check it out!)

Ponder shares a super-simple technique to boost your prosperous thinking.

She suggests that whenever you think about money – whether it’s the money in your wallet, in your bank account, a payment from a client or a bill you’re paying – begin mentally increasing your money supply by thinking of 10 times that amount coming to you.

So, say you have £10 in your purse, look at it and declare:

‘I give thanks that this £10 is just a symbol of the inexhaustible substance of the universe. I give thanks that ten times this amount or £100 is now on its way to me and quickly manifests in perfect ways.’

By expecting that every amount of money you experience is coming to you multiplied by 10, you’ll switch from an ‘I haven’t got enough’ attitude of lack to an excited ‘I can’t wait to receive what’s coming to me’ attitude of abundance.

Start playing this game today and you can’t help but raise your vibration (attracting MORE into your life in the process!)

2) Expect the best possible outcome

How do you feel about the goals you set for yourself (particularly when it comes to money)?

Do you set yourself a financial goal and then start doubting that you can achieve it?  Maybe you imagine yourself creating a particular income and get excited about the possibility, but then scale your goal back as you don’t want to end up feeling like a failure if you don’t reach it?

In my 6 years as a hypnotherapist, I’ve worked with people who have all sorts of goals – wanting to be a certain weight, have a baby or reach a particular level of income.  And I’ve heard many of them say they ‘don’t want to get their hopes up’, just in case they don’t achieve their goal.

So, I’ll tell you what I tell my clients – unless you choose to get your hopes UP and get excited about your goal, you’re very unlikely to achieve it.

When you go into something worrying that you might fail, the chances are you probably will!

Whatever you want to create in your life, expect the best possible outcome.

Each morning when you wake up, spend a few minutes mentally rehearsing your day and visualise everything turning out just the way you want it to.

Whenever you begin a new venture, expect it to be successful.

When you choose to to this, not only will you enjoy the journey, but you’re MUCH more likely to create the results you desire (it’s a win-win!)

3) Live your rich life NOW

This is a technique that’s recommended by wealth writers from Denise Duffield-Thomas to T Harv Eker.

The idea is that imagine how your ideal life would be and choose one aspect of it to experience right now.

There will always be something you can do to help you feel rich.

For example, if your dream is to own a house overlooking the ocean, you can book a weekend break in a seafront property, or even just take a daytrip to the coast.

If you’d love to be a member at a luxury health-club, ring them and arrange a day pass for you and a friend.

If you dream about owning a designer handbag, look into hiring one for a period of time.

The idea is that you allow yourself to experience aspects of your dream life right now (you don’t have to wait!)

When you do this, you move into a richer energy and start sending out powerful signals letting the universe know exactly what you desire.

So, there you have three super-simple ways for you to play your way into attracting more riches into your life.

Enjoy, have fun and comment below to let me know which one you like best.

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11 top tips to harness the magical powers of decluttering

11 top tips to harness the magicalWhen we take time to declutter, letting go of anything that no longer serves us, it makes space for the new to flow in.

And when I say ‘declutter’, I don’t just mean your physical environment – your home and workspace. There are some not-so-obvious areas that can make a BIG difference to the way you feel energetically, freeing you up so you can receive what you desire (oh yes!).

So, here are my top 11 areas to declutter in order to attract more abundance into your life (even if you only have a few minutes):

If you have 5 minutes

1) Just one drawer

Pick a drawer, any drawer, and tell yourself that’s all you have to declutter for now.

Take everything out of it and only put back things you need or really want. Everything else can either be sold, given away or thrown out.

The important thing is that this will get you into declutter mode. You’ve started.

2) Handbag

If you’re anything like me (and most women I know) your handbag can become a bit of a black hole!

It doesn’t seem to matter how often I clear my bag out, a few days later I’m finding old receipts, tissues and all sorts in its depths. That’s why it’s the perfect area to declutter – you’ll notice a big impact after a short investment of time.

When you declutter your handbag, you’ll immediately feel lighter and freer.

If you have 15 minutes

3) Car

If your car is an area that feels cluttered and untidy, it will bug you every time you get into it. You’ll find your shoulders dropping as soon as you climb into the driver’s seat.

Take 15 minutes and clear out any rubbish or anything you’ve been ‘storing’ in your car (I once had three boxes of stuff I was planning to donate to charity in my car for weeks before I finally took it to the donation centre!)

If you want to give yourself an extra treat, get your car professionally valeted. You’ll feel like a VIP every time you get into it.

4) Kitchen cupboards

Our kitchen cupboards can often be places that get neglected. As we buy new food, the old cans and jars get pushed to the back, never to be seen again.

It’s time to explore those dark recesses!

Take everything out of your kitchen cupboards (start with just one if the thought of doing them all at once seems overwhelming).

Go through and throw out anything that’s out-of-date or you’re not likely to use.

Be ruthless and only put back into your cupboards food you actually want.

5) Facebook

When you log onto Facebook (or any other social media), do you feel bombarded with the content you see there?

If that’s the case, then it’s time to have a declutter!

Recently I found that I was getting bogged down with notifications as I’m in a number of different Facebook groups. So I’ve made the decision to consciously choose which groups I want to remain a member of.

Unfollow any pages, groups or people that don’t add anything to your life.

If you have 30 minutes

6) Expenses

This is where we move out of the physical domain and into energetic decluttering.

It’s time to look at your expenses (and if you’re feeling resistance here, it’s completely natural. Just notice it and choose to take action anyway).

Give yourself just 15 minutes initially to check your most recent bank statement and go through each item that you’ve spent money on.

For each item ask yourself, ‘Do I really need this or want this?’

If the answer is, ‘No’, then it’s time to let that expense go.

Often we’re paying for subscriptions, services and memberships that we’re not actually using (and just seeing the payment go out each month makes us feel bad!)

Make a list of any payments you want to cancel or amend and do this as soon as you get to the end of your 15 minutes.

Then congratulate yourself as you are now a conscious spender!

7) Email

Is your inbox filled with a seemingly never-ending stream of emails?

I am SO with you there!

Follow these simple steps to clear out your inbox?

  • unsubscribe from any emails that you no longer find helpful (you always subscribe again at a later date if you want to)
  • delete any emails you don’t need to action or respond to,
  • take action on any emails that require a response as soon as you can – don’t leave them sitting in your inbox,
  • set up folders to store important emails for future reference (when you think about it, there probably won’t be that many you actually need to keep)
8) Computer files

We often have loads of ‘stuff’ stored on our laptops and PCs that we no longer need. This both slows down our systems and makes it harder for us to find the information we need.

Give yourself 30 minutes to go through your files and delete any you no longer need.

Set up folders for any important files you want to keep.

You (and your computer) will feel SO much clearer.

For more reflective decluttering

9) People

Eek! This can feel like a tricky one.

The people you surround yourself with have a HUGE impact on your energy.

Ask yourself this question, ‘Do the people I spend time with (either online or in person) lift me up or bring me down?’

For anyone who seems to drain your energy rather than adding to your life, resolve to spend less time with them from now on.

I’m not suggesting you completely cut old friends out of your life (although you may choose to do this with some people), just resolve to be more conscious of who you spend your time with from now on.

10) Mind

Oh yes, your mind! This is what I spend most of my time working on with my clients.

Resolve to become more conscious of your thinking.

Meditation is a great place to start (and it can be super-simple).

Take some time to sit and get quiet.

Bring your attention to your breath – watch as it flows into and out of your body.

After a few breaths, bring your attention to your mind.

Notice any thoughts as they drift into your mind.

Just observe your thoughts, as if you’re watching them from a distance.

Notice how you can allow any thoughts to drift and float away from you until they’re out of your awareness.

If you do this for just a few minutes each day, you’ll find that you’re able to observe your thinking more easily and let go of any unhelpful or worrying thoughts, leaving you with a clearer mind.

11) Work

Do you currently spend your time mostly doing things you LOVE, or is much of your time spent doing work that doesn’t light you up?

It can be easy to fill your time with work (and other activities) that you don’t find rewarding (either emotionally or financially).

At the beginning of this year, I made a decision to let go for some regular work I was doing for a retreat company. Although I enjoyed the client work when I was there, it involved a lot of travelling for me and it took up valuable space for me, both energetically and in my diary.

Although I was apprehensive about letting go of this regular work, as soon as I made the decision, I started to attract more of the ideal clients I love working with.

Think about the work you’re doing right now and be honest about which aspects of it you love (you’re going to keep hold of those!) For anything that doesn’t go on the LOVE list, think about whether you can let it go completely or delegate it to someone else.

When you do this, you’re making it clear to The Universe about what you want to focus on in your life (and you’ll be rewarded accordingly).

So, there you have it – my 11 top decluttering tips.  Which one are you going to do first? Comment below to let me know and benefit from some powerful public accountability.

Here’s to clearing a space for the new to flow in!

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The 3 questions you need to ask BEFORE setting your prices

The 3 questions you need to ask BEFOREPricing can be an ultra-challenging topic for female entrepreneurs.

It’s something that often comes up when I’m working with my money mastery clients.

How do you set prices that feel great for you and attract more of your ideal clients?

As women we often spend far too much time second-guessing when it comes to pricing, worrying whether we’re being ‘too greedy’ and what people will think of us.

And it really doesn’t have to be complicated (I promise!)

So here are my 3 top questions to ask yourself when you’re setting your prices.

1) What are all the ways my product/service will benefit my clients?

I’m sure the main benefit of your product or service is very clear to you (if it’s not, then you need to do some work on that my lovely!) but when you’re thinking about pricing, I want you to look deeper than the top-line benefit.

Give yourself at least 15 minutes and brainstorm all the ways a client benefits from working with you or purchasing your product.

Really go to town and think about all the areas of your client’s life that could be impacted.

For example, the main benefit of working with me is that a client gets to shift their money blocks and increase their income, but in doing that they also get to:

  • take control of their finances, so they feel more powerful and in control,
  • have more open conversations with their partner around money, leading to enhanced relationships
  • get clear on their business model, leading to more focus and more time to do the things they love,
  • improved self-esteem and confidence,
  • feel comfortable being more visible in their business,
  • pay off debts,
  • create savings and investments,
  • attract more of their ideal clients,
  • create residual income streams,have more time and energy for their children,
  • attract more opportunities,
  • etc, etc, etc!

You can see how once you get on a roll, this list can be endless and you get a really clear sense of the value you have to offer to your clients.

Top Tip: To help with this, look back at any feedback and testimonials you’ve received from previous clients.

Once you’ve tuned into all the ways you benefit a client, you can begin to get a sense of a price that reflects this (and very often, it will be higher than you initially thought).

2) Do my prices feel sustainable to me?

Once you have an idea of the price you want to charge for a particular product/service, check in with how many you would have to sell in order to reach your monthly income goal (and if you don’t currently have a monthly income goal, once again there is work to be done!).

For example, say you want to make £2,000 a month and you’re currently charging £20 an hour, then you’ll have to sell 100 hours to reach your goal. That may or may not feel achievable to you, depending on where you are in your business, the time you have available each week and your current marketing.

Alternatively, say you want to make £2,000 a month and you offer a package or product that costs £400, then you only have to sell 5 of these to achieve your goal.

Obviously the price you charge will depend on the value of the product or service you have to offer, but you also want to check in with whether your current pricing feels in alignment with your income goals.


Well, If it feels like you’re going to have to run yourself ragged to achieve the income you desire, then resistance and self-sabotage are likely to kick in (and you’ll find it difficult to attract clients).

In contrast, if your pricing means that you can serve your clients at the level you want to, whilst still meeting your needs, then business will flow much more easily.

3) What are my beliefs around money and pricing?

This is a biggie and it’s what I spend most of my time working with clients on.

The beliefs you have shape your reality.

So, let’s say you’re a relationship coach and you charge £2,000 for a VIP Day, but you have a belief running that says ‘Who am I kidding? No-one will be willing pay that much.

Guess what? That’s exactly what will be reflected back at you. You’ll either find it hard to attract clients in the first place, or any prospective clients you do speak to won’t be willing to invest at that level.

Other common beliefs I hear around pricing are:

‘No-one will pay that much in the area where I live.’

‘People won’t pay that much for what I have to offer.’

‘This comes so easily to me, I can’t charge much for it.’

‘It would have to be really hard work to make that much money.’

‘I’m not worth that much.’

Like I said, there’s far too much second-guessing going on around pricing.

Many women entrepreneurs make huge assumptions about what their potential clients would be willing to pay.

And there’s a prevalent belief that you have to suffer, struggle and work really damn hard to make good money.

These are all just stories we tell ourselves. And we can change them.

The idea that you can’t charge much for something that comes easily to you?

Rubbish! The fact that the service you provide feels easy for you means that when you do it, you’re in flow. Your clients, who are struggling in the area you’re flowing, need your help and they are willing to pay for it.

The idea that people won’t be willing to pay much in your geographical location or area of expertise?

Poppycock! There are clients at all levels – low, medium and high. You can choose which you want to work with and set your pricing in accordance with that.

Check out your beliefs around pricing. Notice the stories you’re telling yourself right now. And if you feel they’re limiting you, resolve to change them.

So, that’s my 3 questions you need to ask yourself whether you’re just setting your prices or reviewing them.
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I’m coming out…

I'm coming out!So, I learned a really important lesson this week and I want to share it with you today. (You know those times when the Universe gives you a BIG kick up the bum, it was one of those!)

You see, I’ve been hiding.

I’ve been keeping part of myself a secret.

And it’s time for me to let go, trust and allow you see the full picture.

As you might know, I’m currently working towards a big goal of creating financial freedom for myself by my 45th birthday (December 2016).

And I wanted the gorgeous peeps in my community (like you!) to come along on the journey with me. I wanted to share the process and hopefully inspire and empower you to create financial freedom for yourself.

But I’ve been wary of sharing one of my main strategies for doing this.

I’ve been happy to talk about money dates, investing, creating passive income through being an affiliate and reviewing my business model BUT I haven’t talked about a major part of my plan – network marketing.

Yes, my friend, it’s time for me to come out as a network marketer.

Even writing these words makes me feel a bit jittery.

SO many of us carry a huge amount of baggage and limiting beliefs around network marketing (just as we can do around money).

I’m sure we’ve all had experiences of someone approaching us about their network marketing business in an icky way.

So, some of the thoughts that are going through my mind as a I write this are:

‘What will you think of me?’

‘What if you think I’m going to start spamming you?’

‘What if you think I’m part of a pyramid selling scheme?’

‘What if….., what if….., what if……?’

And all of those thoughts have been conspiring to keep me quiet, keep me small and hold me back.

I’ve been building my network marketing business quietly and super-subtly, telling myself that I was doing it ‘my own way’ (turns out ‘my own way’ is only mentioning it to someone if they pretty much battered me over the head and said, ‘Nicola, I need to start creating residual income, I’m desperate for financial freedom. How can you help me to this?’ – or words to that effect!)

That is until last week, when I met up with an amazing friend of mine who I haven’t seen for quite some time.

I knew that she was part of another network marketing company, so in my head I had ruled out the possibility of talking to her about my business. I hadn’t approached her about it and she didn’t even know that I was growing my own network marketing team.

(Seriously, I’ve been SO darn closed off to receive with this part of my business!)

But when we met, I found out that she loved my company’s products (she couldn’t believe that no-one had told her about them before) and had signed-up to join the business under someone else.

She hadn’t even known I was part of the company (because I’d been super-subtle, i.e. in hiding!) and she was gutted that she hadn’t had the opportunity to join my team.

So, she was gutted and I was gutted as she would have been an incredible person to have in my team.

I often talk about a win-win situation and this was a HUGE lose-lose.

And it really hit home to me that by keeping quiet and not making it clear what I had to offer, I’d denied my friend an opportunity. I’d denied her the opportunity of discovering some amazing products much sooner and I’d denied her the opportunity of getting the same level of support that my team are receiving.

All because I’d been scared.

I’d been scared of being open, because I was worried about what people would think of me.

I was scared that if I put anything on social media or in an email about my new network marketing business, people would think I’d become a crazy spambot.

And in being scared, I denied others the chance of benefiting from a wonderful opportunity – one of the best opportunities I know of to create real financial freedom, whilst receiving an amazing level of support.

To be honest, in the past I’d been totally resistant to network marketing. I’d always been totally closed off and if anyone approached me about their opportunity (and I’ve received many approaches over the years), I would be an automatic ‘no’.

It’s only when I started doing the focused money mindset work that I now share with my clients that I became more open.

When a friend approached me last year about joining her network marketing company, I decided to be open to discover more.

And I liked what I discovered!

The truth is, it’s only because I started to build this business that financial freedom is a real possibility for me in a relatively short period of time. If I’d continued purely trading my time for money (even at a relatively high level), it would have taken me YEARS to create financial freedom.

And the crazy thing is, I haven’t been whole-heartedly sharing the opportunity with other people.

Because of my deep-down desire to be a ‘good girl’, i.e. keeping quiet in the corner.

Meeting up with my friend last week made me realise that this had to stop.

I need to come out of hiding and that’s why I’m writing this now.

And whether or not you’re interested in network marketing and the opportunity it presents, there are some lessons for you here:

1) Don’t deny yourself (and the people you can help) by hiding and keeping yourself small. There are people out there who are desperate for what you have to offer and if you don’t put it out there, they’ll never know you exist.

2) Don’t assume that you know what people need or want. Don’t rule people out of working with you before talking to them.

3) Ask yourself whether you’re running a ‘I’ve got to be a good girl’ story and if you are, resolve to let it go. Seriously, there’s a HUGE difference between being ‘good’ (which we’ve often been conditioned to do as young girls) and stepping into your true brilliance.

So, this is me coming out of hiding.

And I’ll be sharing more openly from now on.

But not in a spambot (is that even a word?) icky way.

With much love until the next time,

Nicola x

P.S. The network marketing company I’m working with is Arbonne. I’ve been using their products and getting to know the business for over a year now and I LOVE what I’ve seen. The products are delicious and the culture of the company is super-positive and supportive.

P.P.S. This doesn’t mean I won’t be working 121 with clients from now on. My Arbonne business sits perfectly alongside my money mastery work and I’ll also be supporting my own team with their money mindsets.

P.P.P.S. If your response to this is, ‘Uck! I hate network marketing/multi-level marketing/whatever you want to call it,’ I get you. That’s how I felt for the longest amount of time. I will be sharing more of my network marketing business in the future, but there will still be LOTS of other juicy content (and you might just start to shift your opinion in the meantime).

Behind the scenes of my miracle morning routine

Behind the scenes of my miracle morningHow do you start your day?

Do you have an uplifting morning routine that leaves you feeling energised and ready for the rest of the day?

Or do you tend to roll out of bed and straight into your day – checking emails, logging onto Facebook and mindlessly eating some breakfast?

I’ve been very up and down with my morning routine in the past.  Sometimes I’ve made space to begin my day with meditation, reading and stretching.  And at other times I’ve found myself switching the breakfast news on, jumping straight onto social media and then feeling a vague sense of unease and ‘busy-ness’ as I’ve gone through my day.

That is until I read ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod.

I’m a strong believer in the power of books and particularly reading the right book at the right time (when I say ‘reading’, I mean reading and implementing your learning!)  When ‘The Miracle Morning‘ was recommended to me by three different people within the space of a couple of days, I took that as a sign that I needed to read it.

Quick tip: The Universe is always sending you signs, giving you clues to your next step. Pay attention when you hear or see something that feels important.

The idea Elrod shares in the book is that when we make time for personal development at the beginning of the day, we can create magic in our lives.

He suggests that we spend one hour doing a little bit of each of these activities: silence (meditation or prayer), reading, journalling, affirmations, visualisation and exercise.

To be honest when I read this I thought, ‘Well I kinda know this and I can’t see that it will make that much difference really.’

And I did know it.

I know that when you start your day in an intentional, focused way, life flows much more easily.

But, most of the time I wasn’t doing it!

So I decided to commit to The Miracle Morning and see what happened.

Now one of the benefits for me of having my own business is that I don’t have to set an alarm or get up at a particular time.

But as part of my miracle morning practice I committed to getting up at 6am (admittedly with some resistance, as I don’t like the feeling that I have to get up at a certain time).

The first morning I woke up before 6 (without an alarm) and felt surprisingly refreshed. I headed downstairs to do my miracle morning activities, completing them at 7 (before my normal wake-up time), leaving me plenty of time to have a relaxed breakfast and catch up with the world.

I’ve carried on every day since and I have to admit the results have been pretty miraculous!

  • New clients have been approaching me and asking to work with me.
  • I’m making more money (with much less work!)
  • I have far more time for myself to relax and play during the day.
  • More opportunities are coming my way.
  • Mr H keeps asking why I’m SO happy.

Because I’m starting my day with a clear intention, I’m creating far more flow and ease in my life.

I know that whatever happens during the day, I’ve already made time for myself – I’ve made myself a priority right at the beginning of each day. And that sends a powerful message to both my subconscious mind and out into the world.

So, here’s the lowdown on how I spend my Miracle Mornings:

6am        I get up and head downstairs to my living room (it helps to get out of the  bedroom and into a different space)

6.05am   15 minutes of meditation/silence (I focus on my breath, sometimes work with my chakras and do some energy work. At the end of my meditation, I ask for support from my guides and angels and pull an oracle card from one of my favourite packs – I love Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot Cards, Lisa Lister’s Sassy SHE Oracle Cards and Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayer Oracle Cards.

Pour myself a cup of hot water and lemon. (The perfect start-of-the-day drink!)

6.20am    10 minutes of reading. I tend to read a LOT throughout the day, but for this focused 10 minutes I choose an uplifting, inspiring book, usually related to money mindset.

6.30am     10 minutes of journaling. I’ve struggled with maintaining a regular journal practice in the past, so giving myself permission to write for just 10 minutes really helps. What I journal about varies – how I’m feeling, reflecting on the previous day, what I’m mindful of in that moment or a gratitude list.

6.40am     5 minutes of affirmations.  I work with about 5-6 different affirmations at any one time and change them regularly according to my goals and desires. My super-special technique includes using EFT tapping to release anything that’s coming up for me first and then continuing tapping as I say my affirmations out loud (literally tapping into the positive statements!)

6.45am     5 minutes of visualisation. I combine a short-term visualisation of how I want my day to be with visions of my longer term desired outcomes. I sometimes reflect on my Pinterest dream board too. Click here for a blog post with my top tips for visualisation.

6.50am     10 minutes of exercise. I tend to go to the gym later in the day and do a more vigorous workout (my body prefers a gentle start to the day!) so for this 10 minutes I do some yoga – maybe some cat/cow stretches and then a few sun salutations. I like to do this in the conservatory with the door open, getting some fresh air and connecting with the outside.

7am          Time for a cup of jasmine green tea and breakfast!

The great thing about a Miracle Morning is that you can adapt the routine to suit you. Maybe you want to include more exercise, or spend longer reading? It’s completely flexible.

The important thing is to begin your day with intention and self-love.

So, are you ready to start your Miracle Morning practice? 

Comment below to let me know when you’ll be starting your Miracle Mornings and what time you’re committed to rising at (this is a powerful way of setting your intention).

Here’s to creating and allowing miracles in your life!

Nicola x

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4 ways to use visualisation to create a life (and income) you LOVE

4 ways to use visualisation to create aI’m sure you’ve heard that visualisation is a powerful tool when it comes to bringing your dreams into reality.

It was mentioned in ‘The Secret’ and pretty much every self-help book recommends visualisation in one way or another.

But what if you struggle with visualisation? What if you find it difficult to visualise your dream life? What if your attempts to create an image of your goals leaves you feeling frustrated (rather than full of possibility?)

I’ll let you into a secret – I struggle with visualisation too.

Very often I find it super-challenging to create images of what I desire in my mind’s eye.

If I sit down and ‘try’ to visualise, I get distracted and find it difficult to focus.

I’m just not a natural visualiser!

But I know how powerful visualisation is. I know that when you have a clear idea of what you want to create in your life (and finances), it’s SO much easier to bring it into reality. And I also know there’s not one ‘right’ way to visualise.

So, here are my top 4 tips to harness the power of visualisation (even when it doesn’t come naturally to you):

1) Bring in all of the senses

It’s a fact that not all of us are particularly visual. Some people can create wonderful film-like images in their minds and others (like me!) find it really difficult.  And that’s okay.

You don’t need to ‘see’ your dreams to benefit from the power of visualisation. You can use your other senses to build up an idea of what it will be like when you achieve your goals.

Imagine the kind of sounds you will hear. (Waves washing onto the beach outside your seafront home, Hay House ringing to offer you a book deal, applause from the audience after your signature talk).

Are there any particular smells you can associate with your dream life? (Leather seats in your brand new car, a luxurious candle or the scent of tropical flowers at a gorgeous beach resort).

What will you feel when your dreams are a reality?  (Egyptian cotton sheets against your skin, the ground under your feet as you walk barefoot in your beautiful garden, the warmth of the sun on your skin as you live in your dream location.)

And don’t forget to bring in taste. (Chilled champagne, fresh tropical fruit, a fabulous, 5-star dinner).

And alongside all of these, the most important element is how you will feel emotionally when you achieve your goals.  As you visualise your desires, connect with the emotions you will experience – joy, peace, gratitude, hopefulness, contentment, freedom, happiness.

By bringing in all of the senses, you build up a much more compelling representation of what you want to create.

2) Create a Pinterest Board

As a money coach and mentor, I should be a dab hand with vision boards, but here’s another of my guilty secrets – when I’ve made vision boards in the past, I’ve very rarely looked at them afterwards.

If you love making vision boards and look at yours regularly – fantastic!

If you find that they end up at the back of a cupboard or in a drawer, then how about using Pinterest to create an online board of your desires?

This is what I do now and I find it so much easier than sitting down with a pile of magazines and a Pritt Stick.

I’ve created a special board on Pinterest entitled, ‘Whatever I include on this board, IS!’ (as inspired by the Abraham Hicks exercise , ‘The Magical Creation Box’).

On this board, I include images of what my dream home looks like, places I’d like to visit, furniture I love, the spa I want to be a member of – whatever I can think of that represents my dreams.

I can check in with this board at any time and keep adding things that I want to bring into my life. It’s more flexible and fluid than creating a static vision board and I can have a look at it easily whenever I have a few minutes.

3) Make visualisation a daily practice

If you’re anything like I’ve been in the past, visualisation can become an every-now-and-again, or even once-a-year process.

Maybe you find yourself enthusiastically visualising your ideal life on 1st January and then everyday life gets in the way, leaving you no closer to your dreams as it comes round to New Year’s Eve again?

This year, I’ve made a firm commitment to reach financial freedom by my 45th birthday (30th December 2016), so I need to keep checking in with my goal to make sure it becomes a reality. Letting life slide by is NOT an option.

So, I’ve made a commitment to visualise my desires daily.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to spend hours, sitting and creating a mental picture of your dream life.

If you can commit to at least a couple of minutes every day, you’ll be well ahead of the pack.

Maybe you can spend a few minutes each morning before you get out of bed, or last thing at night before you drift off to sleep? If you commute to work, you could spend some of that time visualising.

Decide what time works best for you and commit to making visualisation a daily practice from now on.

4) Mix it up with timescales

When you visualise your ‘dream life’ it’s easy to let your mind drift off years into the future. You imagine all the ways you want your life to be different and, of course, that’s really valuable.

BUT it can all seem a bit far off and out of reach.

So, I encourage you to do both short-term and long-term visualisations.

As well as imagining your absolute, ideal life, what would you like to create this month, this week, today?

You can do super-short-term visualisations, like imagining an email from a new client popping up in your inbox, your partner coming home and offering to take you out for a gorgeous dinner, or a cheque coming through the post.

You don’t have to wait for years to achieve your dream life. What would take you closer to that today? Allow your mind to wander and visualise the possibilities your day has in store.

So, there you have it – my top 4 visualisation tips for non-visualisers!

I’d love to know which one appeals to you most, so comment below and let me know your favourite tip.

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How to move through Upper Limit Problems

How to move through Upper Limit ProblemsOne of my favourite (and most-recommended) books when it comes to wealth consciousness is ‘The Big Leap’ by Gay Hendricks. It’s a great book (I’m on my 3rd time of reading) and in it Hendricks talks about the concept of the Upper Limit Problem.

An Upper Limit Problem (or ULP) happens when things are going well – maybe you’ve had the best month ever in your business, a fantastic launch or just signed up a dream client – you feel great and then out of the blue, something goes wrong.

You get sick.

You have a huge argument with your partner.

Or that dream client emails you to say actually, they can’t go ahead right now.

When something like this happens, it’s very unlikely to be a coincidence.

Something within you has responded to your (maybe unfamiliar) feeling
of flow, positivity and celebration and self-sabotage has kicked in.

This, my friend, is an Upper Limit Problem in action.

I’ve experienced this phenomenon many times. Just recently, I’ve got sick on two occasions after experiencing leaps forward in my business.

And ULPs don’t just happen in your business. They can show up in your relationships too.

Mr H and I had a huge argument on the very day we went to buy my engagement ring in London. It was meant to be a joyful, love-filled experience and we spent most of it bitching at each other.

So, why do ULPs happen?

Well, there can be a number of reasons and Hendricks covers these in more detail in ‘The Big Leap’. But basically, we experience an Upper Limit Problem when we have some kind of limiting belief(s) running subconsciously.

These limiting beliefs will be something like this:

‘I’m not good enough.’

‘I don’t deserve it.

‘Good things don’t last.’

‘It’s just too good to be true.’

These beliefs are often picked up when we’re very young. I was with my mum recently and she actually said, ‘You can’t expect too much of a good thing.’ My response was, ‘Why the heck not?’ But as a child, I would have just accepted that limiting statement as fact.

So, what can you do to move through an ULP and into a new level of abundance, love and joy?

Here are my recommended 3 steps:

1) Be aware of any potential Upper Limit Problems. When things are going well, look out for any signs of self-sabotage. Awareness is always the first step to change.

2) Reframe your ULP. Rather than beating yourself up for sabotaging yourself, if you notice this happening take it as a positive sign that you are growing and expanding.

3) Tap on it. Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping is my go-to tool for shifting any limiting beliefs or restrictive emotions that are coming up. I’ve created a special tapping routine specifically to help with Upper Limit Problems. You can see it below and tap along whenever you need to.

Top Tip: In the video I use Gay Hendricks’ Ultimate Success Mantra – combining tapping with positive affirmations and mantras is super-powerful.

Use this routine as often as you like to avoid self-sabotage and expand your capacity for money, success, abundance and love.

Don’t forget to comment below and let me know if you found this article and video helpful.

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Are you money conscious?

Are you money conscious_There’s a lot of content out there about ‘wealth consciousness’, but are you conscious of where your money comes from and where it flows to on a day-to-day basis?

SO many women entrepreneurs I speak to have a very loose awareness of the money in their lives. Their finances seem like a mystery and they have no idea how they can create and keep more money.

This is how a lack of money consciousness might be showing up for you right now:

Maybe you have an idea of whether you’re having a ‘good’ month or a ‘bad’ month, but you don’t know how this actually happens? This makes it really tricky to repeat the good and avoid the bad months!

Maybe you can create a healthy income, but it seems to disappear (like magic!) by the end of each month?

Or perhaps you feel that you’re super-busy, working endless hours, but not creating a financial return that reflects the effort you’re putting into your business?

If this is you right now, then it’s likely you’re feeling pretty confused and frustrated.  And I completely understand, because this used to be me too!

You need to dive in and become more money conscious o’ gorgeous one.  Don’t worry, it’s much easier than you think and here are my top ‘money consciousness’ tips to get you on your way.

1) Track it!

The very first step is to begin tracking every amount of money that flows to you and away from you – every time you receive any income, record it, and every time you spend money, record it.

This might seem really like hard work but believe me, you can make it super-simple.

You can track your money in a small notebook that you carry around with you, on your phone or tablet or you can create a simple spreadsheet.

Knowledge is power (and more money!) and the information you want to collect is:

  • The sources your income is coming from (make a note of what product or service has created each amount of income)
  • The sort of things you are spending your money on (make a note of where you choose to spend your money and each of your expenses)

If you’re noticing resistance to tracking your money (I certainly did initially!), just commit to doing this for one month to begin with.  When you see the results, I’m sure you’ll want to continue.

2) Become a conscious spender

Many of us are mindless spenders. We see something, in that moment we want it and we buy it. Then we move on to the next thing. We end up with lots of stuff, a lack of money and very little real satisfaction.

It’s time to become a conscious spender.

Once you start tracking your money, take some time to look back and notice how you feel about your spending choices. Do the things you spend your money on bring you joy and satisfaction? Are they useful? Do they add value to your life?

Notice those purchases that feel unnecessary when you reflect back on them. Notice the spending decisions that make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable in some way.

Set your intention to become a more conscious spender.

One way you can do this is to designate one day a week to make any spending decisions. (This is something I teach my money mastery clients).

On the day you choose, go through anything you’re considering buying and think about whether you truly want or need it.

Doing this helps to remove emotion from your spending decision and can stop you from making spur-of-the-moment purchases that you later regret.  (This one step can be a huge money-saver for Amazon junkies, like me!)

3) Know exactly what’s making you money (so you can make more of it!)

Many women entrepreneurs drift through life not being clear on their numbers.  Sometimes it feels like business is going well and other times not so well, but they have no real idea of what makes the difference between a ‘good’ month and a ‘bad’ month.  (I know because the ups and downs of my business used to baffle me!)

In order to have a successful business with a healthy income, you need to know where that income is going to come from.

Once you start tracking your income, after a period of time (this can be each week, month, quarter or year), look back at your tracker and calculate which products or services have created the most income for you.  You might be surprised!

I was SO resistant to doing this when it was first suggested to me.  I thought I knew which of my services created the most money for me and it sounded like hard work.  But I was astonished when I saw the results – some of services I was putting the most energy into creating and marketing were the least financially successful, whereas others that I hadn’t been giving much attention were responsible for a substantial proportion of my income.

This meant I was able to give more energy to those services that were likely to create the most impact for me financially and let go of offerings that I wasn’t being rewarded for.

When you become money conscious, you have the knowledge to create magic in your finances.

So, are you ready to raise your money-consciousness?  I invite you to comment below to let me know you’re in and let’s create money magic together!

Nicola x

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A tapping routine using EFT to help with change & transition

A tapping routine using EFT to help with changeWhen you’re making a change (big or small) in your life or your business, it’s natural to experience feelings of discomfort, fear and resistance (it’s ALL part of the process).

Sometimes though these feelings can make us want to give up, to forget about the change we’re trying to create and keep things the way they are.

Fear around change can keep us small and prevent us from living life the way we desire.

That’s why I’ve created this short tapping routine to help you release any uncomfortable feelings of fear and resistance if you’re making a change right now.

Just tap along and notice how you feel different afterwards.

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Why I’m channelling my inner DIVA (and maybe you should too?)

3 ways to channel your inner divaI spent last weekend at a music festival in my hometown of Southampton and one of the headline acts, Grace Jones, completely blew me away with her performance and totally umcomprimising attitude.

She is a complete star in every sense of the word and the personification of a ‘diva’.

Seeing her perform got me thinking about how often we refuse to take a leading role in our own lives (and when we see someone else rocking it out in their lives, our first response can often be critical).

So, here’s what I took from Grace Jones’ performance – three lessons we can learn from a diva.

1) Be unapologetic

A diva is 100% unapologetic.  She doesn’t play herself down or keep herself small.

Grace Jones certainly didn’t creep onto the stage.  She strode out and made her mark.  When something didn’t go as planned, she didn’t say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry about that, I’ve messed up!’  She simply acknowledged it with good humour and carried on.

Of course, if you genuinely hurt someone, then an apology is in order, but how often do you say sorry or undermine yourself in some way for no valid reason whatsoever?

I found myself doing this the other day.  I was one of two main speakers at a conference.  I hadn’t met the other speaker before, but I’d heard of her in the online world.  When we were introduced, she mentioned that she’d heard of me and I immediately jumped in with a jokey, ‘Oh, that’s ominous’ comment.

I didn’t allow her to expand on what she had to say.  I shut the moment down with a ‘It’s-safer-to-stay-small’ joke.  I dimmed my light. (I was completely un-diva-esque!)

Later I found out that one of her clients had spoken about me with admiration and that’s how she knew about me.  I very nearly didn’t get to receive this positive feedback though , as I was busy deflecting.

Embrace your inner diva.  Don’t apologise for your existence!

2) Ask for what you want

A diva asks for (and receives) exactly what she wants.

During her performance, Grace Jones regularly asked for whatever she wanted from her team – whether it was some water, a glass of wine or the appearance of her male pole dancer, she was super-clear about what she needed and wanted.

She didn’t wait for someone to offer.  She didn’t hang back in the hope that someone would read her mind and meet her needs.

She simply asked.

How often do you keep your desires (big or small) in your head, rather than expressing them?

I’m not saying you have to demand your very own pole dancer (although if that floats your boat gorgeous, please do go ahead!), but whether it’s letting your partner know where you want to go for dinner, or making a bold declaration to the Universe, ask for what you want.

3) Be your unique self

A diva embraces and expresses her unique-ness with every opportunity.

Grace Jones didn’t shuffle onto the stage in any common-or-garden outfit, oh no.  She appeared with a huge head-dress, some body paint and very little else.

She also performed one song whilst hula-hooping the whole way through.

She was absolutely NOT trying to fit in.  She hadn’t watered herself down in the hope people would like her.  She was 100% herself and if someone didn’t like it, too bad.

So, let me ask you a question.  How much of yourself are you expressing in your life and your business right now?  Are you unashamedly you, or are you only portraying the aspects of yourself that you deem to be acceptable?

When we hold back on being fully ourselves, we become bland.  In trying to be more ‘acceptable’, we become less attractive to the people who would otherwise be raving fans.

Whether it’s on social media, in your writing or in person, notice where you are holding yourself back right now, and allow your unique self to shine through.

You will become compellingly attractive in the process.

So from now on, ask yourself the question, ‘What would my inner diva do in this situation?’ and listen to the answer.  I guarantee you will be, do and have a whole lot more in your life when you follow her glorious lead!

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