The 7 success secrets I learned from running (yes, running!)

The 7 success secrets I learned from runningAs I write this I’ve spent most of the day sitting down, either in front of the laptop or with clients.
Later this evening I’ll be hosting the third group call of my Money Mastery Summer Camp (again sitting down).

About an hour ago, my body started crying out to move.  Not gentle movement, but something energetic and heart-pounding, so I took myself for a run (see my post-run selfie above!)

I’m a huge advocate of listening to your body’s needs.  And as I was running I got inspired to write this blog post, so I got to work out AND get creative.  That’s what happens when you listen to your beautiful body!

Anyhow, I digress.  Whatever you’re aiming for – more money, more clients, or more love in your life, here are the 7 Success Secrets I have learned from running.

1) Get Support

I’m not talking about a sports bra here (although, of course, that’s essential!)  I know that if I go for a run on my own, I’ll stretch myself to a point, but then I might just ease up a little (yes, that could be me slowing to a walk!)

When I go for a run with Mr H or a friend, I blooming well keep going.  Stopping is not an option when you have support (particularly from Mr H – he’s a harsh taskmaster!)

Don’t go it alone.  Gather a team of supporters around you.

2) Get regular

When I run only occasionally, it feels like really hard work.  I struggle for breath and my legs ache.

When I’m running regularly (for me that’s two or three times a week), I can feel my fitness levels improving.  I notice how I’m making progress and I feel more motivated.

The same goes for success in business, money-making, relationships – put the work in and make it a regular practice.

3) Take a break

Which brings me on to my next point.    Yes, you need to work to achieve success, but you also need to rest.  If I tried to run every day (never actually happened, but I can imagine!), I would burn out and collapse in a heap somewhere.

Take a break.  Rest.  Do something completely different for a while.  Then come back fresh.

4) Mix it up

If you look at any kind of running training program, it will encourage you to do long, steady runs, alongside interval runs, where you intersperse a steady pace with shorter, faster runs.

The same goes for success.  If you just plod along steadily doing the same thing all the time, you will get bored (and so will those around you).  Do something different.  Stretch yourself.  Mix it up.

5) Inner game

When I first started running (many years ago) I used to tell myself, I couldn’t run.  I would say, ‘Running is really hard, I’m just not built for it’.

This was so not true, but as I told myself that I couldn’t do it, I proved myself right every time I tried (I struggled to get to the end of the road!)

When I switched my thinking and started telling myself, ‘Of course I can do this!’, I noticed that running became much easier.

The inner game, your thoughts and beliefs, make a HUGE difference.  Start telling yourself, ‘Hell yeah, I can do this!’ and you will.

6) Be inspired

Have you ever watched the London marathon (or any other race) on TV and felt like you wanted to do the same?

Yep, me too.  When we see others achieving what we want, it motivates us to keep going, to put the work in and tells us that it is possible.

Search out others who are doing what you want to do.  Read about them.  Watch them (not in a stalky way!)  Connect with them.  Allow yourself to be inspired.

7) Commit to a clear goal

The times when I’ve really got serious about my running and seen great results are when I’ve had a goal to work towards.  If I know I have a race coming up, I put the training in.

If I don’t have a clear goal, I’m a bit more half-hearted about it.

What’s your goal?  Commit to it now.  Share it with someone else.   Then get going.

So, that’s my 7 success secrets – which one resonates with you most?  Which one are you going to take action on right now?

Decide and go do it!

Are your money memories tripping you up?

Are your money memories tripping you up_Did you ever wonder why some people seem to attract wealth and feel super-comfortable with money, whereas others are fearful of finances and living in constant scarcity?

The way you feel about and interact with money will have been created by your past experiences, particularly in childhood.

It might be that someone has directly said something to you in the past that you’ve taken on as fact, or it could be more subtle.

Maybe you picked up on your parents’ attitudes towards money through your experiences as a child?

Perhaps your mother always handed the responsibility for cash over to your father (or vice versa), which has taught you that this is the way it should be?

Perhaps one of your grandparents would sneak money to you and tell you not to let your parents know, leading you to believe that receiving money is something kinda naughty and secretive?

Maybe you saw your parents working really hard for money, struggling to make ends meet and you learned the lesson that earning money is damned hard work?

The memories don’t have to come from your childhood. I wonder if you’ve ever worked for an organisation where you feel your talents weren’t recognised financially and this has led to a ‘what’s the point?’ attitude and build-up of resentment?

Perhaps you’ve had relationships where your partner cheated you out of money and this has led you to be cautious of sharing your money with anyone else?

These are all possible memories that could be impacting the way you are with money now, either directly and consciously, or indirectly and subconsciously.

If you have a belief that money is ‘bad’ in some way, or that it can cause stress, anxiety or struggle, then it’s possible that you are unconsciously repelling it from you.  Do you really want to be a money-repellant?

No, I didn’t think so!  So, how can you change your money story and become a super-charged money magnet?

Here are some simple steps for you to follow.

Step One:

Make a list of any past experiences you can remember that might have impacted on your current relationship with money.

Give yourself some time and write down any memories that come to mind – from childhood, adolescence, work, relationships, school, family, friends, clients, colleagues, church.

Step Two:

Once you have your list, go through each one and journal on it. Ask yourself the following questions:

What did I learn here?

What belief did I pick up?

How does this show up in my current relationship with money?

How do I feel about this memory now?

Step Three:

How can you begin to reframe this memory?

Ask yourself whether there is any learning here for you?

How can you move forward from this?

What would you like to do differently from now on?

Can you send love and forgiveness to anyone who is involved in each particular memory?

P.S. Don’t worry if you have lots of memories that come up (I had pages when I first went through this process!)  Just work through them one at a time, maybe one or two a day.

You’ll soon notice that you start to feel differently around cash and before you know it, money miracles will begin to show up.  Yum!

Here’s to writing a powerful new money story for yourself!

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3 ways to lighten the load when your money stuff seems too heavy

3 ways to lighten the load when your moneyIf I was to start talking to you about money, would your eyes glaze over?

If I invited you to get really clear on where you are with your finances, would you either do it in a half-hearted way or find something much more important you have to do right now?

Maybe the money stuff feels like another chore you have to handle (and you have too much on your plate at the moment)?

I know that money can seem like a heavy topic.

A lot of us either want to put our heads in the sand or run for the hills rather than actually face what’s going on in our finances.

What if you were to see money in a different way?  What if you could have some fun with your finances?  Sounds impossible?

Well, here are my three top ways to lighten your financial load.

1) Have a regular money date

If I asked you to sit down and go through all your money stuff, you’d probably think, ‘Yeah right!  I’d rather do the dishes thanks.’

It doesn’t sound too appealing, I know.

So, how about framing it in a different way and scheduling a regular money date with yourself?

This is something that Kate Northrup recommends in her book, Money, a Love Story (which is fab by the way!) 

Your date doesn’t have to last long, but make it special.  Put on some music, pour yourself a glass of something nice, light a candle and devote some time to your finances.

You can use your money date to:

  • Get clear on where you are financially right now
  • Pay any bills
  • Review your goals
  • Set new action points
  • Review your expenses and research better deals

If you share responsibility for your finances with your partner, then how about including them and having a gorgeous joint money date?

Do what it takes to make this a pleasurable experience!  Why not schedule your first money date now?

2) Take a walk of appreciation

I’m sure you’ve heard that having an attitude of gratitude is key to feeling great and receiving more.  Maybe you even keep a gratitude journal or have some sort of regular gratitude practice?

Well how about combining gratitude with movement and taking yourself on a Walk of Appreciation?

Walking is one of my go-to ways for changing my state and shifting my mood if I’m feeling sluggish, low or restricted in some way.

When we combine the power of movement, being outdoors and active appreciation, it’s a pretty unstoppable force!

If you’re feeling heavy around money right now, get outside and walk yourself lighter.  The idea of the Walk of Appreciation is that as you walk you bring to mind all of the things in your life you are grateful for.

Say to yourself, either silently in your mind or out loud, ‘I am so grateful and blessed to have….’

As you do this, notice how your mood starts to lift. 

You might think, what has this got to do with money?  Well, the better you feel, the more good stuff you will attract and this includes money.

Move your body, shift your mood, feel good, receive more.  What’s not to love about that?

3) Buddy up!

So often in our culture and particularly as women, we are encouraged to keep quiet about money.   Maybe you’ve picked up the message that you shouldn’t talk about money, your financial desires and goals?

It’s difficult to move forward when you aren’t being open about what you want and any challenges that are coming up for you.

That’s why I recommend that you buddy up and create your own Money Support Group.

This can be one or more people who are on a similar journey to you, people who are willing to support you as you move towards your financial goals.

Arrange to get together regularly, either in-person, on the phone or online and share what’s going on with you and money.  How are you getting on with your goals?  What action are you committed to taking?  What is challenging you?  What successes have you had?

I have a friend that I meet with fortnightly to focus on money and having this support has empowered us both to move forward in a powerful way this year.  Plus you get to benefit from fun, friendship and connection along the way!

Who do you want to be your money buddy?  Get in touch with them now and arrange a time to connect.

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My top 3 tips for banishing the mind-monkeys

My top 3 tips for banishing the mind monkeysRight now I’m in the middle of the Master Your Money Summer Camp launch.
Although I love the excitement and energy of starting something new, I can tell you that the last couple of days I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted and emotional.

To be honest, I woke up this morning in a complete funk!

I don’t share this to say, ‘Poor me!’ – I know that we can all feel like this sometimes, particularly when we are going through some kind of shift.  So, I wanted to let you know what I did this morning to get me out of my gloom.

1) I journalled on the thoughts and feelings that were coming up for me.

There was lots of mind-monkey chatter going on!  As I’m launching a new program, these are the kind of thoughts that were coming up:

‘I’m not good enough!’
‘I have to work really hard and exhaust myself to make good money’
‘I’m kidding myself when I set high goals.’

There were more, but that gives you an idea!  I just got them out of my head and onto paper.

2) I tapped on the thoughts and feelings that were coming up. 

If you’re not familiar with tapping/EFT, then I’ve created a video showing you the tapping routine I used today.

This is an example of the set-up statement I used, ‘Even though I know I’m kidding myself when I set big goals, I deeply and completely love and accept myself’.

This helped to clear those negative thoughts and feelings that had been draining my energy.

3) I spent 10 minutes meditating on the mantras and affirmations I’m using at the moment:

‘I am a conscious creator of my reality’
‘I allow money to flow to me easily’
‘I am constantly expanding my sense of possibility’

By the time I reached the end of these three steps, I felt energised and optimistic.  I had shifted my funk!

I must admit, it feels quite vulnerable to share this very personal process.  But I wanted to let you know that:

1) It is completely natural and normal to have times when you feel drained, fed-up and generally shitty!

2) You can change your state – you have the power to move from down-in-the-dumps to top-of-the-world.

3) There are some simple steps to follow so you can create your own shift.

So, the next time you’re feeling disheartened, frustrated or funky, remember these 3 steps and banish those pesky mind monkeys!


Why your mantras and affirmations aren’t working.

Why your mantras and affirmations aren'tI’ve been speaking to a lot of women recently who have been trying to improve their money situation and finding it a struggle.

Maybe you’re the same?  You’ve been setting goals, meditating, visualising and saying your affirmations.  But nothing is changing.  Or maybe you receive a flow of money and then it dries up again?

What’s going wrong?  Surely you’re doing all the ‘right’ things?  When the heck are you going to get your success?

All of the above are excellent tools.  They all help to get your mind in the right place and set your intentions, but if you have underlying limiting beliefs then you are going to struggle.

What do I mean by limiting beliefs?  Well, let’s say one of your mantras or affirmations is, ‘I am a money magnet’.  So you say this to yourself, you write it on post-its, you meditate on it – great.

But what if there is a voice in your head saying, ‘Yeah right!’  What if you have an underlying belief that says, ‘I can’t attract money for toffee’ or ‘I’m a money repellant!’

If you have a conflicting belief running underneath your mantra or affirmation, then it’s going to be really hard work making your new, positive belief stick.

‘You have to clear out the crap to make space for the good stuff.’  Tweet: You have to clear out the crap to make space for the good stuff.

You have to do some mental de-cluttering to make your mantras and affirmations work for you.

So, how do you do this?

The first step is to notice your underlying ‘crap’ (that’s a technical term if you were wondering!)

Say your chosen mantra or affirmation out loud and then pay attention to any, ‘Yes, but…’ statements that come up for you.

They might sound like:

‘Yes, but I can’t do that!’

‘Yes, but that’s not for people like me!’

Or the classic, ‘Yes, but I’m not good enough!’

The second step is to write down all of your, ‘Yes, but…’ statements.  Out them!  Get them out of your head and on to paper.

The third step is to take each one and look for evidence to disprove it.

So, if your limiting belief is, ‘Yes, but I’m not good enough’, write down ALL of the evidence to the contrary.  Write down all the ways you are good enough.  Go to town.  Celebrate your greatness!

Do this with each limiting belief you discover.  Prove that nagging, doubting voice within you wrong.

When you take yourself through this process, you make space for your beautiful, empowering new beliefs to take hold.  Your mantras and affirmations will stick!

Your next step. Want more powerful practices to help you create the abundance you desire (and deserve!) in your life? Simply click here to join my free Money Mastery 7-Day Kickstarter Challenge and get started right away.

The myth of imperfect action

I'm perfectI wonder how often you’ve heard the advice, ‘Imperfect action is better than no action’. 
Certainly in the world of female entrepreneurs, this kind of statement is made all the time – by mentors and coaches, as part of e-courses and programs, I’ve even used these words myself (many times!)

It’s almost become a badge of honour, ‘Hey, I take action even though I know it’s imperfect!’

The idea of not waiting to take action is great, but recently I’ve noticed that the use of the word ‘imperfect’ really bothers me.

Words are so important in the work I do.

The words we use when we talk about ourselves, either out loud or in our minds, are hugely powerful.  Each one sends a message both to ourselves and out into the universe, saying ‘This is how I see myself’.

The definition of ‘imperfect’ is: not perfect; faulty or incomplete, faulty, flawed, defective, unsaleable, unfit, inferior, shoddy, below par.

So, when you use the word ‘imperfect’ about yourself and the action you’re taking, what kind of message are you sending out?

‘Hey universe, I’m starting before I’m ready (even though my creation is pretty shoddy!’)

‘I’m being brave and taking action, (but deep down I believe I’m inferior to everyone else out there.)’

‘I’m stepping up and putting myself out there, (even though I know I’m flawed in some way.)

Quite frankly, f**k that!

As soon as you get it into your head that you, or what you’re doing, is imperfect, you’ll feel restricted or limited in some way.

The fact is, if you decide to take action, if you decide to create something and put it out into the world, then it is PERFECT.  It can’t be imperfect, because it simply reflects where you are right now.

In this moment, you are perfect.  In this moment, whatever action you take is perfect.  In this moment, whatever you create is perfect.

You cannot be imperfect at being you!  You can’t get being you wrong.

Be you, take your action, create what you choose to.

You are perfect.  You are glorious.  You are perfect as you are in this moment.

So, from now on, how about you choose not to compare yourself, the action you take or whatever you create to anyone else’s idea of perfect?

How about choosing to tell yourself a different story?

How about choosing to see yourself and everything you do or create as perfect, as beautiful, as just right in this moment?

Let’s stop with all this talk of imperfection.  Choose to celebrate your uniqueness.

You are perfect.

What I learned from a group of middle-aged, corporate males

The 5 surprising lessons I learned fromWhen you think about money, what kind of memories come up for you?  Many of the stories you tell yourself about money will have been created by particular memories.

It might be that someone has directly said something to you in the past that you have taken as fact, or it could be more subtle.

Maybe you picked up on your parents’ attitudes towards money through your experiences as a child? Perhaps your mother always handed the responsibility for cash over to your father (or vice versa), which has taught you that this is the way it should be?

Perhaps one of your grandparents would sneak money to you and tell you not to let your parents know, leading you to believe that receiving money is something kinda naughty and secretive?

Maybe you saw your parents working really hard for money, struggling to make ends meet and you learned the lesson that earning money is damned hard work?

The memories don’t have to come from your childhood. I wonder if you’ve ever worked for an organisation where you feel your talents weren’t recognised financially and this has led to a ‘what’s the point?’ attitude and build-up of resentment?

Perhaps you’ve had relationships where your partner cheated you out of money and this has led you to be cautious of sharing your money with anyone else?

These are all possible memories that could be impacting the way you are with money now, either directly and consciously, or indirectly and subconsciously.

Let me give you an example of one of mine to demonstrate.

A memory I came to recently was one from when I was working in a firm of financial advisers back before I became a therapist.

All of the financial advisers in the company were men.  I had started there as a Personal Assistant and over the years had taken my financial planning exams. I had the qualifications to be a financial adviser (in fact, I had more qualifications than a lot of the guys there), but something was stopping me.

I’d started out with the intention of becoming an adviser – that was my goal. But once I qualified, fear set in.

Could I do it?

Would I be able to fit into that world?

Could I be ‘one of the guys’?

One of the directors had a chat with me and offered me the role of paraplanner – a new role for the company. This involved doing all the research for the advisers, preparing reports and recommendations for clients – basically a behind-the-scenes role.

I knew this wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to step into my brilliance and be all that I could be. I wanted to be out there, seeing clients, doing ‘the work’, but I didn’t. I accepted the role of paraplanner, as it seemed safe. It was a step up, but it wasn’t THE step up.

I bailed!

And do you know what, during the time I continued to work in finance and for a long time afterwards I felt resentful. I enjoyed my role to a point, but I knew I wasn’t reaching my full potential and I blamed it on the guys.

I moaned and complained about the old-school male attitudes, the old boys club, not letting me in. I blamed it on them.

When I came to work on this money memory, it was all about those ‘men’ who made the big bucks when I worked in finance. I started journalling about it and was angry about how many of them weren’t as bright as me, in fact some of them were downright dumb! It just wasn’t fair that they were out there seeing clients, making the sales, earning limitless income, when I was stuck in a background role.

The learning I’d taken from this, and held on to for many years, is that women get held back in business. I believed that men had an advantage and it was a struggle to move up the corporate ladder and earn more money.

So far, so negative! You might be asking what’s the point in raking over all these old, depressing money memories. Well my friend, the thing is once you start to unearth these memories, you can start to reframe them. You can start to find the true learning in them and that is a gift.

As an example, when I wrote about my memory of working in that particular finance company, I started to have a realisation. How amazing was it that these guys, many of whom weren’t the brightest in the box, were doing their stuff?  How amazing that they were just doing it? They weren’t letting anyone hold them back. They didn’t even think about whether they were good enough.

I may have imagined myself to be more intelligent and more charming than them, but suddenly I could see a lot that I admired in that middle-aged, bloated bunch of guys.  Here are the 5 important lessons I learned from them as I looked back.

1) They had stepped up. Each one had given himself permission to just do it.

2) They believed in themselves. Now maybe they lay in bed at night worrying about whether they were good enough, but I doubt it. They didn’t even question whether they could do it. They took it for granted that they could.

3) They connected. Most of these guys were great at networking, either formally or informally. They got to know the people who could make a difference, they put themselves forward and made sure everyone knew what they did.

4) They supported each other. Although there was a level of competition in the team, those guys did support each other. They listened, gave advice, made referrals.

5) They took action! They didn’t just sit around planning and preparing, they went out there and did stuff. They made it happen.

When I sat back and thought about it, I was amazed at the learning I could take from these guys! I could see things totally differently and I can realise that this learning is now a gift to me.

I completely reframed that negative memory into something useful and inspiring. I was starting to make that particular memory work for me, rather than seeing it as something that was holding me back and keeping me small.

Take action now: Start writing a list of all your money memories. Go right back to childhood and work from there. You’ll find that as you get started more and more memories come to you.

Once you have your list, go through each one and take some time to journal on it. Write down how you feel about each particular memory and begin to find the learning in it.

If you feel resentful towards someone or something, go deeper. Ask yourself, ‘Am I really feeling frustrated with myself? Am I stopping myself from being who I want to be or doing what I want to do?’

It’s important that you let out any anger, resentment, sadness, fear, frustration, anxiety – all of the emotion attached to each particular memory. Once you’ve done that, you can start to step into a position of power. You can begin to reframe the experience and make it work for you.

Kapow!  Make your memories work for you.

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How I surprisingly fell back in love with finance (with a twist).

How I surprisingly fell back in love withBefore I became a therapist, I used to work in financial planning.  To tell you the truth, when I decided to leave the corporate world and retrain, I never wanted to be involved with finance again.

I was pleased to leave behind talk of investments, pensions and savings.  I wanted to focus on personal development and helping people.

Naively I didn’t realise that I would actually have to devote much of my time and energy to running and building a business in order to help as many people as I wanted.

I tried to put my fingers in my ears and ignore all the money stuff because I wanted to be spiritual.

I associated money and wealth with my old, corporate life.  I saw it as somehow ‘bad’ and ‘seedy’.

No wonder I struggled to bring money into my business and my life!  I was sending a strong message to myself and the universe that I wasn’t interested in finance, it wasn’t part of my ‘new’ life.

So, I got frustrated that my business wasn’t taking off in the way I wanted.  I lived in a cycle of famine and feast (with much more famine than feast!)

What I didn’t realise is that the same sort of unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs I was helping my clients to move past, were preventing me from building my dream business.  My inner world, my thoughts and feelings, was limiting the income I was receiving.

I wonder if you’ve given much thought to how your inner world – your emotions, your self-worth, your self-belief – influence your cash-flow?

This was a big ‘No!’ for me up until a few years ago and as so often, we teach what we need to learn. It’s only when I started to specifically focus the powerful tools I’d been using with my clients on my own financial situation that I began to see results.

  • Whereas I was struggling at times before, I started to attract clients with ease.
  • Where I’d always felt like there wasn’t enough money left at the end of the month, I now felt in control and was actually growing my savings.
  • Where I had felt anxiety and panic, I started to feel calm and excited.

And do you know what?  Gradually I began to fall back in love with finance.  I began to see that money wasn’t just about figures and spreadsheets, bank accounts and investment returns.  I began to see that wealth was a truly holistic concept.

By looking after myself, by honouring my emotions, by clearing any limiting beliefs I had and by having more joy in my life, I could influence the amount of money I was receiving.  How empowering is that?

When I (finally!) recognised that I had the power to increase my wealth, I saw that I could combine the powerful inner work that I do with the more practical money management techniques I’d learned in my previous, corporate life.  I realised that I had the perfect combination at my finger tips!

So, this has now become the work that I love, blending money mindset mentoring with simple, financial tools and tips.

I want to share the secrets I have learned with you!  I don’t want you to have to take the long route to financial flow, struggling with obstacles and feeling stuck and restricted.

Let me show you the short-cuts.  Let me show you how to love your life and your bank balance.

The first step?  Well, I’ve created a free 7-day e-course for you – The Money Mastery 7-Day Kickstarter Challenge.  Spend a few minutes each day creating the perfect abundance mindset!  Simply click here for more details and to sign-up.