Hello friend. I’m Nicola Humber and I’m delighted you’ve found your way here.

This is a space for UNBOUND women,

Women who crave freedom beyond all else,

Women who are carving a new path in the world,

Women who are committed to being their fullest, truest, UNBOUND selves.

Are you in the right place?   If any of the following resonates with you, then the answer is a big, expansive ‘YES’.

  • You’ve spent most of your life feeling like an outsider. You can do a good job of seeming like you fit in, but deep down you know there’s something different about you. You want something different (you’re just not sure exactly what that is).
  • One of your key values is freedom. You spent a long time feeling like you were squeezed into a box, trying to fit in and please others. Now you’re committed to creating a life that has freedom running through every aspect of it, BUT there’s a part of you that’s scared of where this will lead. There’s no map for the journey you’re taking and sometimes it feels tempting to retreat back to the familiar.
  • One of your other key values is connection. You crave deep connection – with yourself, with others, with spirit, with nature, with every moment of your experience. But often you find it difficult to stay plugged in. Because you’re here to carve a new path, to create new ways, you often feel the need to disconnect from the way things are now.
  • You’re familiar with the void. Over the years you’ve learned to allow yourself to be in the in-between place of not knowing. It doesn’t feel always comfortable, but you’re beginning to recognise this as a place of limitless possibility.

If you’re saying, ‘Yes, that’s me’ to any (or all) of these statements, then you can breathe a sigh of relief, because you are in exactly the right place.

And now you’re here, there’s no rush. Take your time and have a look around.

Here are some places you might like to begin…

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Nicola x